Earlier this week, UFC Tonight co-hosts Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian offered up their thoughts on Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 120 main event.

The bout pits Anthony Pettis and Dustin Poirier live from Norfolk, Virginia on FOX Sports 1.

Florian breaks down Anthony Pettis vs. Dustin Poirier: “Pettis is a master of deception. He mixes things up and then baits you with something, then gets you to bite and takes you out. He goes low, checks out what you do and then goes upstairs. With this fight, I want to see who’s going to lead the dance. Both are exciting fighters. Pettis has to keep Poirier in the kicking range.”

Cormier on Poirier and Pettis’s skills: “Poirier starts fast with his left hand. He hasn’t seen the level that Pettis has. When Pettis was the star, he was mixing everything up. He’s known for his standup, but when he gets guys hurt, he can finish them with submissions.”

Cormier on Poirier’s keys to victory: “He starts fast with his strong left hand. He’s known for his standup. Key one is to get in boxing range. He’s a powerful striker and has to be in range to land them. Second, he’s got to apply pressure and close the distance. That will be important to take out Anthony’s kicks.”

Florian on Pettis’ keys to victory: “He’s as creative as it gets and has knockout power on the feet and finishing ability on the ground. Key number one is to use his creativity. He needs space to move and use his skills. Key two, he needs to get into kicking range. He’s one of the best when he keeps his opponents on the outside.”

Cormier picks Poirier while Florian picks Pettis to win. Says Florian: “I think Pettis gets it done by decision. It’s going to be a close one.”