UFC Tonight co-hosts Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian offered up their thoughts on the UFC Fight Night 119 main event between Lyoto Machida and Derek Brunson.

The two square off in Brazil this coming Saturday night.

Cormier on what Derek Brunson needs to do against Lyoto Machida: “We need to see the guy who fought against Yoel Romero, who used his wrestling to dominate an Olympic silver medalist, who’s had success against the highest level of competition. The guy we don’t want to see is the guy who hangs his chin up in the air and tries to chase knockouts. All the success he’s had knocking people out does leave him exposed and he needs to show patience and use his striking to secure the takedowns. Lyoto has to stand back at range and wait for Brunson to make a mistake. As we’ve seen, Lyoto is a classic sniper.”

Florian on what Machida needs to do to beat Brunson: “I want to see the guy who uses his footwork, who switches his stances back and forth. I want to see the counter striking and also he’s going to need some more tricks. He’s been out for a couple of years. The game evolves, so he’s going to need some new tricks, especially if the fight hits the mat. Maybe some new submissions or other ways to get back to his feet.”