Valentina Shevchenko made an appearance on “Submission Radio” recently to discuss UFC 215, her loss to Amanda Nunes and a move to flyweight.

Below are highlights:

How Valentina saw the fight after re-watching it

“It’s every same opinion. It’s like three rounds from five it was on my side and I see the fight the same. And even like if we speak about the fifth round, in fifth round like striking I was clearly winning the fight, and but of course like it was takedown – one her takedown or my one takedown, so it was one-one. And if we like speaking about the new rules that was applied in this fight, it’s like saying, if you are just holding position without landing any damage or something like hitting, it’s not giving you some advantage. And if we are speaking about this last-minute position when I was on the ground, even in this position I was landing more hits to her face, I was punching and landing elbows, and in the same time Amanda she was not doing, she was not striking, she was not doing nothing.”

Why she thinks the judges gave Amanda the fight

“I think that pretty much it was like this last takedown, but even with this last takedown it was only one point from the whole fight to give her victory. But from my side, like, I respect the opinion of judges, like, I’m not discussing about this, but I know clearly and all people who watch the fight and everyone who want to go back and see the fight, they can see clearly that three rounds from five rounds, it was on my side.”

Why she decided not to appeal the decision with the commission, even though her team wanted her to

“For me, I see this like appeal and it can be like two sides from this side. One, it’s most probably that it doesn’t change nothing, because it’s already passed, it’s already done. And the second one, if the commission agrees and they will like say yes, it was right and we will give you victory, like, even in this situation, I don’t want to be champion like this, I want to win my belt in fair battle and to receive the belt from the fight, not only from legal situation or fighting like appeal or something like that. And I know it will come, I will have my time. And will do everything great next time. So, I prefer to be the champion in the fight, not on the paper.”

On Amanda claiming post-fight that her aim was to prove she could go five rounds, not get the knockout or submission

“No, I don’t think so, because she knew that if she would be like going crazy from the first round she would not have the same (cardio in the end). Because she knew it’s very dangerous for her to go without thinking, without like, just go in and attack and try to finish. It would be very dangerous for her and she knew it. That’s why I think the most reason, it was like the saying, “don’t try, don’t receive a lot of damage”. But even in this moment she was receiving (damage) from my side because the distance that I was working striking and strategy was exactly like working on technique and tactic and speed.”

Her feelings about Amanda after the fight

“No, we didn’t speak. She of course after the fight she came to my corner, to my team to shake hands and all kind of stuff like this. But I didn’t speak with her and definitely we are not friends.”

On Amanda’s goals to shut Valentina up after this fight so that she didn’t have to hear from her anymore

“I think this is only one resolution from this fight that we have. This fight, of course the result was not the same that I wanted, but I know exactly that I won this fight and she didn’t win this fight, and I think, not right now, but in the future we will meet again and we will do it again and next time it will be totally different. Like, it won’t be the same and she knows that in the next time she doesn’t have a chance.”

The biggest things she learned from this fight and what would be different if she fought Amanda again

“You know, if we are speaking about this fight, it’s not only I believe, it’s not only about me. Because many times we can see that a fighter believes that she or he won the fight but reality says different. But this is totally not the same situation. This is totally different. Because not only I believe (I won), everybody sees. And you can see the fight, you can go back and see the video of the fight and you will see the same what I am saying to you, that it was exactly like three rounds against two rounds to my side. But if we are saying about what’s next and what I took from this fight, it’s continue what I am doing and to put every time and every fight all my art that I’m practicing. And I hope that like in the next time, and this is what people are saying about the center of the ring or something like this, it will not affect me. They don’t see not only the person who is holding the center without punching, without doing, but also they don’t see like the gameplan – striking, counter attacking, attacking. And even if you are the middle of the ring or the octagon, it doesn’t matter that you are winning the fight. And the other fighter, if they are clever and using all this distance, it’s hitting much more and landing much more strikes, and it will be different in the next fight.”

On moving down to 125 for her next fight

“You know, now I’m thinking to move to 125, and I think more probably my next fight it will be in this division 125. Because 125 is like much closer weight for me, it’s my real weight category, and even at like 135 I feel comfortable and I feel like 125 I will be able to use all my techniques and all my skills because I will fight with the same-sized opponents as me.”

“125 is like my weight, it’s my natural weight. Just a little bit of cutting and it will be everything perfect. Because, in my Muay Thai fights I was fighting every time at 125, (except) just (in) like the last year I was moving a little bit up in weight class, it was 130. So I feel very comfortable at 125. And even at 125, we can have like opponents (that are) very tall, but of course it will be the same physical conditions, the same head, the same size arms and everything, the same like mine.”

What Valentina’s walk-around weight is

“I’m not cutting weight for 135. For example, when I’m not training and when I don’t do nothing my weight is around 138, 137.”

When this weight class was created, flyweight, 125, it was like, okay, it’s now weight class like my real weight division, but I never thought like an option for 125 because it wasn’t this female weight division in the UFC, and I knew that 115 I won’t be there and 135 I feel comfortable and I can fight there. That’s why I was not thinking about flyweight division because it was not (existing). But when it was created, then I received a lot of questions, “are you considering to moving down to the weight class,” but in that moment I was thinking more about my title fight that was already scheduled. But now I have time to think for 125”

How close Valentina thinks she is to a title shot at 125

“Very not far. Not far at all (laughs).”

If Valentina has plans to eventually come back up to 135 and becoming dual-weight champion

“Of course I do, because it’s still on my plans to go back and fight against Amanda again. And from the next time, not give any chance to make this like this decision that was made a few days ago. And of course it’s on my mind and I still want it. Not right now, not in the near future, but I definitely it will happen.”

If Valentina envisions an eventual MMA fight against Joanna Jedrzejczyk at 125, as they have previously fought in Muay Thai

“Every time when people ask me about Joanna, I say that, why not? Because we have our history, our era in fighting Muay Thai, and now we can start to do the same in MMA fighting in UFC.”