If USADA does hand out a four-year suspension to Jon Jones, one of his main coaches isn’t sure the former champion recovers from it.

Mike Winkeljohn appeared on “Submission Radio” recently to discuss Jones.

Coach Wink’s reaction to Jones failing his UFC 214 drug test

“Absolute terrible news, shock, there’s no way. Jon Jones had been tested multiple times going through the fight camp, he would not do something like that. The problem is the public perception. They think he’s got these needles and shoving steroids in his arms when – don’t get me wrong, I understand Jon has messed up in the past, he’s got caught drinking and driving, he done some bad things, he done things that are idiotic, but he’s grown up – but as far taking steroids, what he’s been busted for is, you know, taking a Viagra Cialis from Mexico that had something in it, that’s not steroids but it came up that way and if I had to guess it’s going to come out that there’s been something that he took to rehydrate himself after his cut or somewhere in that style, that time that was some kind of… what do I want to say… some kind of substance that he thought was just a supplement, that someone said, “hey, this will make you feel better, it’s got electrolytes in it and stuff,” but it was tainted. And everybody thinks, “yeah, that’s just an excuse,” but no, really, that’s it, that’s what it’s going to be. And what I’ve noticed is a lot of these supplement companies, they have a tendency sometimes to throw things in there and I think if they find out who the supplement company was and which one is tainted they’ve got a big lawsuit on their hands because they have changed Jon Jones life and it’s really not his fault.”

Jon Jones’ reaction to the news of failing the drug test

“I saw Jon Jones two hours before he found out and he was up, he was excited, we were talking about the fight, kind of hi-fiving, still going through the fight and different things that we talked about might happen in the fight, did happen in the fight and just re-living the fight. Two hours later, all of sudden I get a phone call and people said guess what, and I know he was devastated. I didn’t see it when he got the phone call, of course he was at the restaurant with one of our other coaches, but that coach told me he was just devastated, he just stopped in time and he’s pretty much since then just spent time with his family and been offline.”

“He’s in disbelief himself. He went from the highest of highs to way down in the bottom lows and just, it is his fault for not making sure that he takes some kind of supplement maybe if that’s what it is, but it’s just real disheartening because I know Jon Jones is not a cheater. Jon Jones can fight, he can game plan with anybody, strategize with anybody, he throws all these things. It’s his mind that’s so even better than his athletic ability by far, and that had nothing to do with

substance abuse.”

On the theory that somebody intentionally spiked Jon’s food or drink so that he would fail the test

“No, that would be true evil. And I know there are evil people out there but I don’t think those people would have access to him. I think it was just a mistake. I think it was just one of those situations where a supplement that someone says, “hey Jon, this will make you feel better, this will help with rehydration, or this will help with your cut or whatever the case is,” and Jon said, “okay, if you say so,” that type of thing. So I know him and his management have gone through, they’re getting everything tested, everything that he has taken and we’ll see what happens.”

If Jon will sue the supplement company responsible for him failing the test if it turns out it’s due to a tainted supplement

“Oh, I would. I mean, we’re talking about changing a man’s life. I mean, how much money can he make? How much is his career worth? Is it worth 100 million dollars? I mean, that’s gonna bankrupt a company. I would be the first one to say, hey look, here’s the deal, if you guys are in the supplement industry and you have a tendency to put anabolics and these different substances into products just so that the kids go, “yeah, this stuff works,” and then the FDA coming along and says, “hey, you put that in that in there,” you either have a tendency to pull it out real fast and so people won’t do it anymore, but you’ve already sold the product and they keep selling it and they open up another product or they file bankruptcy and do it again. Supplement companies are notorious for it if you go back and start reading some papers on them, and it’s not right. This is not right when they do those type of things just to sell products.”

If Winkeljohn believes Jon Jones returns to MMA if he gets suspended for 2-4 years or if that’s the end of his MMA career

“I don’t know. If it’s a four-year thing, I think it could be just that kind of devastation (that stops Jon from coming back), and which like I said, it’s not fair, you know? He messed up in that maybe he took something that someone said was fine, but he’s not doing it thinking, “I’m taking steroids or something,” you know, and that’s the part that’s terrible, he’d be devastated at four years. Who knows, you know? Just, that’s just a long time to just spiral downhill, where bad things can happen. So that one scares me. If it’s a year (suspension) Jon Jones will come back and dominate the world again, I do believe.”

If the UFC have approached the team about Holm vs. Cyborg at UFC 219

“We have not had an official offer, so we’re waiting for an official offer that’s good. There has not been an official offer, so I know – this is quite funny, the champion of the world is calling out Holly Holm. Don’t usually the challengers call out the champions? That’s a curiosity in itself.”

Why Winkeljohn thinks Cris Cyborg is calling out Holm

“Money. Holly’s a big draw, everybody wants to see Holly. They know she had the ability to beat Ronda, she steps up for the big fights, she’s back and she’s the best thing the UFC has in the women’s division. Holly has more power I believe and more marketability then every woman in the UFC put together and I think Cris sees that. She thinks she can beat her and she thinks she’ll get the PPV numbers and make some money. And I don’t blame her.”

What the cut-off date is for the UFC to make an offer so that Holm can prepare

“Yeah, they need to make an offer pretty soon, there’s no doubt about it. But Holly will take it if they make the right offer, if they will do that. I mean, right now we’re looking at, do we fight Amanda Nunes for the title? They really want to give that to Raquel Pennington, I think they’re saying. Holly’s not one to sit on the shelf, she wants the world title. She really wanted to get back at Shevchenko, so I know she was hoping Shevchenko would win the title, but this is where we’re sitting right now and Cris Cyborg is out there and Holly I think wants to knock off another legend. She’ll step up and do it again, so it all comes down to money and what the UFC’s willing to cough up to have Holly fight her.”