For the first time in a long time, Luke Rockhold is healthy.

Rockhold, a former UFC and Strikeforce champion, takes on David Branch Saturday night in the main event of UFC Fight Night 116.

Since his loss to Michael Bisping for the title, Rockhold has been getting healthy and looking for a fight.

“I had a torn ACL. There’s a healing process. I’ve had to heal up. I’ve been trying to fight a since June. Anderson Silva wouldn’t fight me, Gegard Mousasi wouldn’t. Yoel wouldn’t fight a five round fight,” he said. I tried to fight Shogun at 205 and Fabricio Werdum. But here we go. I got a top-10 guy.”

Branch, a former World Series of Fighting champion, presents a fighter on an impressive 11-fight win streak to challenge Rockhold.

“I don’t know. I thought he was the thug from Brooklyn,” he said. “He thinks he can box, but he can’t box with me. He thinks he can grapple, but I’ll make him look like a white belt. He thinks he can wrestle. He has no idea what wrestling is.”

As for the upcoming Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre contest, that strikes a nerve with Rockhold.

“I’ve got no opinion on that fight. I think Bisping wins the fight,” Rockhold said. “I think GSP is an inflated 155 pounder. He has no business being in the division. He’s small and weak and I think he’s going to get crushed. I think he needs to get the hell out.”