Conor McGregor knows there are times to be “Notorious” and times not to be.

But for the most part, the reigning UFC lightweight champion doesn’t differ much from the two.

McGregor meets Floyd Mayweather this Saturday night in a “super-fight” that will bring MMA and boxing together in one ring.

“What you see with me is what you get,” he said during a recent conference call. “I am the same person on and off the camera. A lot of people like to say I’m not. Obviously there are different moments. You’ll catch me against an opponent, I’m a little different but I portray myself as who I am. So what you see is what you get with me.

“And there have been many articles, many stories, many things written, but it’s been okay I suppose. It’s just I am who I am. I speak the truth for what I believe and people portray that in many ways. So I’m pretty open and what you see is what you get with me.”

Known for his brash attitude and lightning-quick hands, McGregor did admit a few things have changed now that he and his girlfriend are parents.

“I’m razor quick with the diaper changes,” he said. “Right now I have a nutritionist who’s been with me for this time, bringing in the weight. So the cooking is out the window, my son has been living with me since, it must be three months now. We’ve had one hell of a camp. It’s been one long stretch.

“A lot of hard, hard work. A lot of dedicated and focused work and then of course the nutrition has been top of the range, and that’s why I’m at peak physical condition at this moment, ten days out. Now we are closing in on the weight cutting phase, and then we weigh-in and we fight. So that’s about it. I’m by the book.”