Victor Ortiz, a former WBC welterweight champion and opponent of Floyd Mayweather, stopped by “UFC Tonight” recently to discuss the upcoming Mayweather-Conor McGregor bout.

Ortiz, who scored a win himself last month, also talked about his own career:

Ortiz on his opinion of Mayweather vs. McGregor: “It’s two different sports. It’s like the champion in tennis vs. the champion in ping pong. They both great in what they do, they have balls and rackets, but they’re very different sports.”

Ortiz on advice to McGregor: “Don’t let him pressure you or smother you because that’s where he’s comfortable. Floyd is pretty awesome at that.”

Ortiz on if Mayweather is taking McGregor for granted: “I don’t think he takes anyone for granted – he did me, though. For once, maybe, McGregor is not as big a worry. So maybe he is. I saw the game face at the press conference. I haven’t seen that game face in a while. So he’s there. But I think McGregor has the upper hand in the talking.”

Ortiz on Paulie Malignaggi being upset by the sparring video being released: “Absolutely. Nobody saw the whole session. It’s one of those things. You’ve been clipped in sparring. You step the wrong way and slip. I think it’s a valid point that Paulie is upset.”

Ortiz if he’d train with McGregor and fear similar results that Malignaggi received: “You guys know as champions, I don’t let people record me. That’s a big no-no. Not when they come to my gym.”

Ortiz on his last fight: “It was the first time in a while I felt comfortable. I came out too aggressive in the first. I got clipped in the first round, but went back there and focused on what we needed to do. He said your baby is watching. Thanks to Coach Haas, he got me out of there.”