Daniel Cormier isn’t ready to go to dinner with Jon Jones.

The light heavyweight rivals have had a long-hatred for one another. And while Jones, who defeated Cormier last month for the belt, extended the olive branch, “DC” isn’t completely over the feud just yet.

“It takes time to get over something so big, but day by day, you get over it. I’m a guy who really loves what I do, and I take it very hard when I’m unsuccessful. Fighting is like a cruel mistress,” he said. “If fighting was a nice ex-girlfriend, she would have knocked me out in 10 seconds, she wouldn’t have given me some success in the fight.

“I believe he’s being genuine and trying to turn over a new leaf and be a different person than he was in the past. We don’t have to be friends. That I’ve always respected him as a fighter. But with that, friendship would be difficult because of our past. We will be professional as we have to, until the cage door closes again.”