Over the weekend, it was announced that Luke Barnatt will face Scott Askham this September at ACB.

The event takes place September 23 from Sheffield Arena.

Below is a press release:

One of the biggest domestic fights possible was officially announced as Scott Askham revealed that on September the 23rd he will finally go toe-to-toe with ‘The Bigslow’, Luke Barnatt at the Sheffield Arena.

Both of these fighters have flown the flag for this country in the middleweight division both domestically and abroad. From competing on the regional and national shows all the way up to the fighting on the biggest stages for the biggest promotions but despite the fact that they have earned their wares in the same weight-class and, at some points in their careers, in the same promotion this fight has previously failed to materialise.

Although their paths have never crossed they have certainly been on each others radars as fans for each fighter have fuelled the fire with the constant question of who would take the bragging rights if this battle did ever happen. Well, that question is just weeks away from finally being answered and, as was revealed by Scott Askham in an in-cage interview with ACB’s play-by-play commentator, Bryan Lacey, at the Doncaster based promotion ‘Caged Steel’ event last night it is now booked and set to go down on September the 23rd at iconic Sheffield Arena, a venue just a stones throw away from Askham’s hometown of Hemsworth.

Some thought this fight was set to be filed in the ‘what if’ section of UK MMA after Luke Barnatt made the move to Light-Heavyweight for his last fight against Swedish Man Mountain Max Nunes but after Barnatt dispatched of Nunes in under a round he took to the mic to make this statement: ‘That was my second fight at light-heavyweight a division I now have two wins and two knock outs in so my future does lie here but I have one more bit of business down at middleweight, a fight the fans have been after for a long while, so Scott Askham I’m coming for you! ACB, lets set this up for September! Scott, I’m coming to knock you out!!’

When asked his response to this statement last night Askham replied ‘He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! He’s the one who’s been knocked out twice and I’ve never been finished. This fight has been a long time coming and I’m coming to take his head clean off!’

Further fuel will be added to the fire this coming Saturday the 22nd of July at ACB 65 in Sheffield as was also revealed in the interview with Askham that both fighters will face-off in the cage at this event and ahead of their big fight in September. Askham was adamant that when they actually do look into each others eyes next week Barnatt will realise he’s bitten off more than he can chew! ‘It’ll be a different story when he looks in my eyes. He can’t hide behind a keyboard then so let’s see what he has to say when we come face-to-face!’

Barnatt has never been one to back-down from a fight though and with his impressive record and with being the higher ranked fighter of the two he will be looking to solidify that position with an impressive victory on September 23rd. When asked about the fight he said ‘The fights not the hard part, the weight cut is the toughest part of me fighting at middleweight but I will make that weight one more time, knock him out and then get back to chasing down that light-heavyweight belt’.

Arguments for and against both fighters have already started on social media as to who will win this ‘Battle of Britain’ but let’s be honest, we already have a winner and it’s that old clichè – the fans won as soon as this fight was signed!

Tickets for this epic fight will be on sale from Monday the 17th of July at 12pm via www.sheffieldarena.co.uk