Cris Cyborg was a guest on Submission Radio recently to discuss her upcoming July title fight with Megan Anderson.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

How it feels to finally have an opponent and be fighting for the title

“You know, it’s the one thing I’m really happy. After two years I’m gonna fight in my division at 145 and this has really changed the move for training, you know, I’m training really more motivated because it’s less stress about weight, just focus more on the training. I’m very excited to fight for the belt. And for me, I’m gonna defend my belt and fight Megan Anderson. So for me it’s really nice because she holds the Invicta belt now and I think it will be like a unification (bout). We were supposed to fight before and then it’ll be amazing, we’re gonna fight for title belt in the UFC at 145.”

If Cat Zingano and others were options for Cris to fight at UFC 214

“Dana asked couple Cat Zingano and then Cat Zingano no because Dana asked me but because she doesn’t wants this fight. But I think the first time they had the fight for the belt – Holly Holm and then Germaine – I don’t think that this fight makes sense before for the first belt because Holly no fight at 135. She was coming from two losses and fought for the belt, and then the Holland girl can get a hold of the belt, she doesn’t fight at 145 either – seven years I don’t think she fought (at featherweight). The last time she fought (at featherweight) was Strikeforce. I don’t agree with this fight and them fighting for the belt because each girl is now below 145 pounds. How you gonna fight for the belt if you’re below 145 pounds? I think the right fight to do is somebody else at 145. How can you make a title belt fight if you’re not gonna be 145 pounds? It’s the belt for the featherweight division. And then this is the agreement, if Cat Zingano, I don’t have any problems fighting her, but I think she has to fight 145 and make a fight at 145. You cannot jump in the line and stay in front of the line to fight for the belt if you fight below at 145 pounds. I think you have to respect the rankings at 145-pounds. Because if you do like this, it looks like you don’t respect 145-pounds (division).”

What Cris thought about Germaine not wanting to fight her

“When she was getting her belt, I already knew it. We already knew she’s not gonna fight. If Holly Holm got the belt or Germaine got the belt, I was already talk to my team. We knew both were not going to fight (me). They knew they had to fight (me), who holds the belt has to fight against Cyborg. We already knew they had a plan that actually 135, maybe try getting a hold of the belt at 135 to be the first women that holds two belts. We already know they were not gonna fight me straight away. I don’t know if the UFC think they said, “yes I’m gonna fight,” but no signing anything before for agreement saying, “you’re gonna fight Cyborg”. Before they held the belt, both girls, I already knew they were not going to defend the belt. I think they were then gonna try to drop back to (the bantamweight) division and then fight at 135, and if you hold the belt and then you’ll be the first (female) fighter to hold two belts. Not surprising. This (did) not surprise me, we already knew that.”

What Cris thought about Germaine’s reason for not wanting to fight her and claiming Cris is a “known and proven cheater”

“I think she’s scared, she don’t want to fight. I don’t think it’s an issue about money. I don’t know, maybe it’s about money, she wants more money, doesn’t see more money. And about (her) saying I’m a cheater, I’m cheater, it’s the same excuse that Ronda Rousey used. It’s the same excuse Ronda Rousey (used) before I was gonna fight her, “oh she’s cheater”. Everybody saw when she fought someone who punched like Holly Holm did to her, then she retired and then all the girls, no one fights me and find excuses (why) they don’t want to fight me and they call me cheater. But for me it don’t change because I have the same program that all the fighters in the UFC (are under) USADA. And the first fight before the UFC, I signed one year with USADA. USADA (was) testing me before all my fights, before I went to the UFC for one year and then this is proof I’m a clean athlete. And these guys, no one trusts USADA? You know, it’s the best. They have this job (to) show us the fighter stays clean. You know, for me it don’t change my life, I just keep training and wait.”

If Cyborg is happy to fight a real 145’er in Megan Anderson

“It’s not about happy, it’s about respect the line, respect who’s in the line (to) fight for the belt. I think she deserves to fight for the belt. I think she’s a 145-pounder and I think she deserves (the shot). It’s not about (whether I’m) happy or not happy, I think Megan Anderson, she deserves it cause she’s 145 pounds. And this is the reason. But you know, I have no problem, I can fight Germaine. I know this fight is gonna come again, they’re gonna ask if she wants to fight me again. I don’t think this is gonna finish this story about (whether she’ll) fight me, I think this fight can come (again). And then if this opportunity comes, okay, we gonna fix everything inside the cage.”

How Cris sees herself beating Megan

“I think Megan Anderson is coming from four KO’s and I think she’s holding the Invicta (belt) and I think she likes to strike too like me. I think it will be exciting for all my fans, but you know, in MMA you can have any plans and then you can do ground game, stand up game. I think you have a lot of options for what you can do. But everybody knows my game, everybody knows I like to go KO my opponent and I don’t think this fight is gonna be different. And if she’s prepared for this then I’ll give a nice fight for everyone.”

If the UFC resort altercation with Magana affected her UFC career

“I don’t have nothing to talk to her. My lawyer handles this and my fans know what really happened and then I leave (this with) my lawyer and I don’t think it changes anything in my life or my career.”

If Cris’ is happier with her relationship with the UFC now

“We just did a meeting and scheduled this fight. You know, I don’t have any problem about that because I really wanted to fight – ten months I didn’t fight. And let’s see, you know, let’s see what they’re gonna do. Let’s see (whether) they’re gonna keep their word and do something to help me, not be against me. I just have to be ready for my next fight and wait to see if the UFC want to keep working with the UFC or not. I leave it in their hands.”

If Cyborg plans on staying with her UFC past her last two fights on her contract

“I know also if I get the UFC belt I’m gonna have to stay one year, because it’s in the champion contract. And I have two fights left in the contract and probably gonna finish in December and then probably if I get the belt I have to stay one year and have the belt. But let’s see. I want to keep trying to work with the UFC, but if it doesn’t work, you know, (it’s) not something I can control and then let’s see what’s gonna happen.”

What would it mean for Cris to be a UFC champion

“I think if I get hold of the UFC’s belt, I think I think people are gonna see me as, “ah, she’s the world champ, she’s the best in the world,” I think, not just a couple of fans, the real UFC are gonna respect me, cause I’m ten years undefeated. (if) I hold the (UFC featherweight belt) this will be the third belt I’m gonna hold and maybe if I hold this belt I have respect from them. And for me, you know, the belt for me, it doesn’t mean nothing. I really like to go inside the cage and then do my best over there for all my fans because they make the show happen.”

On Megan saying Cris will look to take her down once she feels her power

“I have many options. I’m a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu, I do wrestling. But I like to stand up, you know? But she has to be ready for any situation. If I have an opportunity to take her down, I will. If I have the opportunity to KO her, I will. She just has to prepare for any situation. I don’t make plans like just think about one punch because I know that after one punch everybody changes (their) game.”

“I have many options. I’m gonna do what I feel during the fight. When I go inside and fight, if I can take her down, I will. If I can submit her, I will. And if I can KO her, I will. But everybody knows my game, I like to KO fighters. I like to do my style of fight, but I have other options too.”


“You know, I’ll be ready for five rounds. I’ll be training hard for five rounds. I don’t like thinking the fight is gonna finish in the first round, but you know, I want to KO her and then finish and it will be a real nice KO. And maybe this can be my first armbar submission. We don’t know, but let’s see.”