Lorenz Larkin will make his debut with Bellator against Douglas Lima for the welterweight title later this month at Bellator NYC: Sonnen vs. Silva.

Larkin appeared on a recent edition of “Submission Radio” to talk about fighting Lima, signing with Bellator and Rory MacDonald.

What the vibe is like being in Bellator compared to the UFC

“Well, I mean, let’s see, I’m pretty sure these past two months I’ve been marketed more than I have been in my whole career in the UFC. So that just speaks in itself, you know what I mean? I haven’t even fought yet and just the marketing that I’ve been seeing already, it’s just ridiculous.”

“Yeah, it excites me just for the simple fact that I know I’m in a new position and I know that the people that I work for are behind me too. It’s a whole different feeling when… I guess it would kind of be like you working for years and years and years and never getting employee of the month, so every day it’s the same old same. And then when you get to Bellator, the next work days are like, you feel energized, you feel like you’re getting recognition for stuff. So that’s the position that I’m in. I guess I’m probably the same feeling, I feel rejuvenated, I feel excited that people are behind me now and people believe in me.”

What Lorenz’s advice is to unhappy mistreated UFC fighters such a Demetrious Johnson

“At the end of the day, it’s their career, you know, and if they choose to take it by the horns and do what they need to do, then that’s something they need to do. That’s the whole thing about MMA, this sport that we’re in, you know, not only is it a sport where you have to perform, you have to perform in the cage, but you also have to perform outside of the cage and have all your stuff together. You need to know what people have the best interest for you and where your career’s gonna go and that’s just suitable for you. You can’t just depend on your performances anymore, because you see where that gets you. I think I read something where he (Demetrious Johnson) doesn’t even have pay-per-view points and we’re talking about, you know, and Demetrious Johnson right now is my favourite fighter of all time, and it’s ridiculous. To me, he’s the pound for pound best period. Just cause he’s a little guy doesn’t mean shit. He is the pound for pound best fighter I’ve ever seen in my life. You know what I mean? And I was all into Anderson and everything, and I like Jon Jones, I like all the top guys. But as far as a guy that I’ve seen who’s all-around game is tight, it’s Demetrious Johnson. And it’s ridiculous that he doesn’t get the credit that he deserves or he probably doesn’t get the money he deserves.”

The differences between dealing with Scott Coker and Dana White

“The thing is weird because I never really talked with Dana like that about business. So you know, I don’t know. I guess the whole thing that it really buckles down is, I talk with Scott about business and we’ve had conversations and did stuff like that, and I never did that with Dana. So I guess you would say my relationship with Scott is a little different than it is with Dana, cause I’ve dealt with different people when it came to my career and stuff like that when it came to the UFC. And when I come in to Bellator talking about my career, you know, I’m talking straight with Coker.”

On Rory MacDonald’s half Gorilla/half Lion intro package that played during his walkout and if Lorenz wants some kind of custom video himself

“That dude needs to figure out what fucking animal he wants to be. What the hell is…”

“I guess. I don’t know, but I promise you it wouldn’t be no cross-species type video going on with me”

What Lorenz thought about Rory’s win over Paul Daley

“Yeah, I’ve seen him fight. His performance was good, it was really good, but I just wish that I guess a more game Paul would have come, or a more game Daley. I wish I would have seen something more than somebody that just got ran through. You know what I mean? I feel like he could have done better. I was going for Rory to win, but I just wish that he could have done a little bit better than what I’ve seen.”

What Lorenz thinks about potentially fighting Rory next if he wins the title and if he’s wanted to fight him in the UFC

“Yeah, I always had my eyes on the top guys and I’ll be more than happy for him to be my first title defence, you know, and especially to shut all the talk of how he’s gonna take my health or whatever corny shit he said.”

What beating Rory would mean to Lorenz

“Well I guess it would say that he won’t take my health (laughs). And… god, sorry guys, I just can’t get over how corny that shit was. I don’t know if he came up with that or he read it on the teleprompter, but I don’t know, man. It would feel good, man It’d probably feel a little better just to really shut him up or shut up that teleprompter so he never has to read it a day in his life again.”

If Lorenz will ask Rory about the half Lion, half Gorilla that was a part of his Bellator walk out if they do fight

“We’ll see, man, cause like, that’s the thing, man, usually I don’t really talk shit about potential opponents or anything like that. I’m pretty respectful, man, my whole career. So when I hear him talk about how he’s going to take my fucking health and all this other shit, so I’m anxious to see. I hope he doesn’t change that up, I hope he keeps that same attitude when we do have our press conference or whatever. So I hope he keeps that up so I get to say all the stuff that I want to say, especially about his walkout. Now I gotta look it up on YouTube.”

If this is the most fired up he’s ever been towards an opponent

“It’s kind of getting there, man. Cause I didn’t even know he did that. I almost said something to this fan and I was like gonna be the biggest dick ever because I thought this fan was talking mad (shit). He was like, “Rory’s gonna take your health LOL”. And then I was like, what? And I was gonna write back, like, “okay, yeah, we’ll see”. And then a couple more came through just like a bunch of emojis like, “he’s gonna take your health”. And then I was like, what the hell is everybody talking about? Because where I watched the fights at, it was like a bar so I couldn’t hear him talking afterwards, I just watched the fight. So then when I finally seen it, I was like are you kidding me? I was like, how corny was that? Who says that?”

How Douglas Lima stacks up compared to his previous opponents and how he sees this fight playing out

“The thing is with him, man, the good thing I feel about this fight is he’s not gonna show me anything I haven’t seen before. You know what I mean? And he’s just tough, and that’s hard in itself. There’s not too many – I know it’s weird to say that in MMA, but there’s not a lot of tough guys. You know what I mean? There’s a lot of fighters, there’s a lot of tough guys, but he’s tough and he’s a champion for a reason and he has a lot of skills for him. But the only thing is, I’ve fought a lot of guys like him in the past. I’ve fought heavy punchers, I’ve fought guys with good stand-up, I’ve fought guys with good Jits. So it’s nothing that I don’t think I’ve seen. His style is something that I’ve seen before.”

Prediction on how he sees himself beating Douglas Lima

“Man, I’m not sure what round, but I do know it’s going to be one of those rounds where somebody’s gonna start shutting and the pain will start coming for sure. It will be a total tide change for sure.“