Cub Swanson may not have been present for UFC 212, but he did take advantage of the opportunity presented to him.

Swanson, working the post-fight show on FOX Sports 1, watched as Max Holloway dethroned Jose Aldo and called out the new UFC featherweight champion.

“Clearly me. We had a good go at it. He was the better man that night. I had a few injuries and I tanked. I’ve come back and I’m better now,” Swanson said. “I think that’s the most exciting fight you can make. I’ve been waiting for the division to open up. This is huge. It’s never been more exciting.”

As for the reigning champion, “Blessed” sees no problems with a second meeting vs. Swanson.

“I’m not racing through the division, I’m cleaning it out,” he said. “Cub, I fought you, but you can get it again. If I haven’t fought you, come and get it.”