To the surprise of nobody, Vitor Belfort isn’t going into UFC 212 as it being his retirement fight.

After making it seem like the bout would be the end to his career, “The Phenom” told “UFC Tonight” recently that he just wants to take it one fight at a time and “have fun.”

Belfort on if he’s ready to step away from the sport: “I feel something stirring in me. I went to Tristar gym for this training camp. I feel I’ve still got some miles on this. Let’s continue this journey.”

Belfort on if he’ll keep fighting in the UFC: “Yes, the UFC. That’s the place to be. I’m very thankful to build the sport. We’re in a phase where the sport’s not just entertainment, but a sport and we’re not entertainers, but athletes.”

Belfort on if he has more fights on his contract: “I want to take one fight at a time. Fighting for me is for pleasure. I have a lot of business outside the sport. I really want to help the organization outside. I’ve done a lot for the organization. Any fight can be the last or it can be another start. I take every fight as the last. I think there’s still a legend’s league. Fighters can fight until they’re 50.”

Belfort on how he’ll fight Nate Marquardt: “I need to just let myself go and fight hard. I was waiting for the moment but you have to make it happen, throw combinations and have fun. You can’t be in the same place all the time. I need to just go out and have fun.”

Belfort on why he moved to Tristar? “In Tristar, they have great leadership, great atmosphere, training, coaches and fighters. I went back to living in a little room and a little kitchen. Sometimes you have to go back to what made you. Make the sacrifices. I felt very welcomed. I got a lot of respect from the fighters – amazing fighters from all over the world. They have a great crew and I’ve learned so much. That’s my new home.”

Belfort on what’s next: “Now is about reinventing myself. I don’t have anything to prove. The way I see it now, it’s a passion. I was like a little kid, Now, I can go again. I felt it. I’m excited and very happy to continue to do what I do with love and passion.”