Tony Ferguson is upset.

He’s upset about Khabib Nurmagomedov missing weight. He’s upset with Nate Diaz not fighting. He’s upset with Conor McGregor.

Plain and simply put, the former Ultimate Fighter winner is upset.

Ferguson appeared on Submission Radio recently to discuss his anger towards many in his own division. Check out highlights of the interview below:

If Tony can move on from the tough situation of having his fight fall out at UFC 209

“Absolutely not. I have not been able to move on from that shit. Khabib sucks. He can’t make weight, he’s fat and he needs to fire his fucking whole gym. Honestly, they all can’t make weight. Literally, he probably should have taken notes from Cormier. I mean, towel seven was in the air. He was almost levitating. But it was bullshit, man. These last couple of weeks have been absolutely bullshit from AKA. And DC is still a douche-nozzle. I can’t stand that fucker. But you know what, whatever AKA. Same thing with Khabib. I don’t really feel like preparing for this guy yet. I mean, literally, this guy was such a pain in the ass in the beginning. It’s just… it’s an eyesore, man. I don’t even like looking at this dude. He looks like a wet slushy when he wears that stupid hat. Like, I can’t say much about it just because it puts such a bad taste in my mouth when I saw these videos of him eating shit food. I mean fuck, Brock Lesnar was like, “Tony, you want some shit food before your fight?”, and I was like, “no dude, I don’t want to shit food, I gotta preform good”.”

If Brock Lesnar really offered him some “shit food” in the TUF house leading up to one of Tony’s fights

“Yeah, I think it was before my first fight on my birthday. It was fucken like February 12 and it was (before I fought) Justin Edwards. I knocked that dude out with an up kick – great fight by the way – and it was the day before and I had to make weight. Chuck O’Neil had to do the same and he (Brock Lesnar) was like, “hey, y’ll want some shit food? Hey Tony, you want some shit food?”. I was like, “no dude”, I was like, “no man”. (Brock said) “what do the guys want?”. I said, “fucken In and Out (burger), that’s that good shit”. So he ordered In and Out and they all got that shit food and I got to eat like fucken rabbit food, which sucked.”

“Yeah, Brock was a trip, man”

If Tony has returned to hard training yet with no real fight on the horizon, or if he’s still just enjoying life and taking a break

“Absolutely not. Right now, I have my options open and what I’m doing is, you know, sometimes you get the “dad bod”? Well I shedded the dad bod, man. I’ll be honest with you, I said, fuck that 205 pounds, I’m going to go back down to 175, 180, and what I’m doing is I’m getting my summer body, man. I started my little boot camps, I started doing my thing and I’m getting shredded, I’m throwing weight around like it’s nothing and my plan is to be a bodybuilder someday after all this stuff (laughs). You know, maybe in the WWE, the Mexican Mangler, Sexy Latino Heat flying off the top ropes – bang, flying elbow smashing these mother fuckers. But no, besides that point, I’m just maintaining being a fucking ninja, a shinobi ninja warrior, fucken just keeping my elbows sharp. The one thing I’ve been working on is my kicks, kicks and knees. My elbows are sharp, but I’m trying to establish some more deadly eight limbs in my stuff with my wrestling, man. Snap-Jitsu is where it’s at. That’s just basically what I’m coming up with. I’m spending a lot of time in the facilities, in my academy, writing down my notes, coming up with new interesting ninja ways to take out my opponent in less than ten seconds, literally.”

If the UFC are trying to get Tony back in the octagon

“Well I would think that they’re protecting their key one, number one prospect that makes them the most money. Cause obviously that’s going to make them the most lettuce and bread. But I’m down to deliver ass whooping’s any day and I’ve been calling out the top guys and even calling out the lesser guy and there’s no bites, man. So what I’m trying to do is I’m maintaining my business ventures in other ways and making my money work for me, because these motherfuckers are soft. The only people that I see that are willing to fight for the interim title are probably like the guys that are in the top 30. Cause honestly, I think that these dudes like number one, two, I mean literally, they fucken disappeared. I mean, what are you going to do? I mean, if you have the division at a hold – I put this division at a halt. Put it that way. I worked my ass off so far up into this division I became a glitch. You guys can call me “glitch” from now on because they don’t know what to do. They don’t want me to have the title. They don’t want me to have the title – my management or my fucking UFC don’t want me to have the title. And I worked my way up from the mailroom to the CEO position where I’m trying to go, my friend. And I ain’t stopping. Cause these dudes are soft and the money made them soft, and these guys are at weed conventions or they’re going doing these other things, but they forgot about the game. They forgot about the hunger that it possesses. When you see Conor step inside that ring against (Floyd Mayweather) it’s gonna be all about show. Watch his ass get knocked out. He’s gonna retire. He will never come back to the lightweight division. That dude will never show his face again. It will never happen. He will go and retire and avoid me like the Irish plague. He doesn’t wanna face the Cucuy. I’m the worst nightmare. You got Khabib Nurmagomedov using Tiramisu Tuesday as an excuse to avoid Tony Ferguson. I can’t explain it, dude. You got wing Wednesday. Who’s next? I mean literally, the only fucking game dude that’s really down to throw it down and make that money fight, which I know absolutely fucken everybody is gonna wanna fucking see this fight, is Edson Barbosa-T-Ferg 2. Now, we are gonna go toe to toe and I would say screw all these other dudes, we got some real dudes that are looking to fight for the interim title. Now, I’m down to get bloody again, but hey, I’m a lot better of a fighter than I was the last time. Now if we even want to dig deeper, there’s other options. I can go up to 170 and beat T-Woodley’s ass. That dude talks a lot of shit and is too boushy for me. Straight up, that dude needs an ass-whooping to set himself straight and, you know, I tell you what, fucken bring it back a different level. Because I sized him up, and 170 is just a hop, skip and a scotch away from me, and I like making weight at 170. I enjoy a lot more fast food and I’m a little bit happier, my wife likes me a little jolly. So I’m a threat at any division – even 145. I said that I wouldn’t go to any divisions because of this and that, but I’m realizing that this division is full of bitches, and I can’t help that. So I’m gonna find work wherever I gotta go. And no matter what, I got a contract, so technically they gotta fight my ass.”

“Give me that title. Give me that title. Where’s that belt? That’s mine. Fuck you Conor. Fuck you Conor. Fuck you Nate, you bunch of bitches. You guys are holding hands in the fucking locker room. Fucking scandalous.”

If Tony really feels like the UFC and his management don’t want him to have the title

“Well I’m not gonna talk shit, but what I’ll call and what I’ll say is, call it something like a “presto-chango”. When you walk into a place and you look and you’re in an aura, you like to be around good things. When I walked into this office at one time with my management’s office, it was beautiful. Yeah, it was cool. You had my picture – I mean, my picture’s small. I mean, like literally, I got like a small picture. It looks like a fucking tile, like a one of those tiles that you would put on the floor, that kind of shit. And it’s ridiculous, it’s me choking out Abel Trujillo. How old is that shit? Yeah exactly. And I got many bloodier battles. There’s some cool pictures of me with my hand up and doing this – by the way, it’s on a shirt. Just keep a lookout on my website, – but what I’m trying to say is, I walk into this place and I see pictures up. But whenever they have somebody else in the room, there’s a presto-chango and there’s a certain different picture that gets posted on the wall. So I happen to live close enough to my management where I just show up. So if they don’t answer my phone call I’m gonna be like, hey, I hope you dudes are working, cause I’m spending my hard ass money on these guys and I don’t know if there’s a conflict of interest of not. Maybe you can ask my management, Audie Attar, if there is, because I was there first. I have yet to receive a title and the monetary gains from point A and point B are absolutely completely different. The leverage is way off. I’ve been putting in my time with nine consecutive victories, I have performance bonuses are up the yin-yang and I can go on and on. So I just said my piece and my opinion. Do I think my worth is a little bit more than I’m valued? Yes. Do I think that my energy should be more dispersed my way on my management side? Yes, of course. I’ve been there for a while, I’ve showed some promise and I’ve been trying to help the company a lot. But this is not a discussion between the company and myself, because we don’t have a problem, but what I want to see is how many fighters out there had this problem where it might be a conflict of interest? Are you making the same money? Are you doing what you have to do to get your name out there? I mean literally, these are questions that are kind of in my head. But they’re just opinions, because obviously I make my money by winning and beating ass. But yet when nobody signs the paper, who’s to blame? And nobody’s speaking my name. Who’s to blame? That’s my concern. That’s it.”

What the word on Nate Diaz is, if Tony’s management reached out, if there’s been a response from Nate

“Well, I figured, I was like, well shit man, the next person that beat the dude that’s next in line would be Nate. So it had nothing with management, it had absolutely nothing to do with management. I’m thinking in my head, well shit, and it had nothing to do with the fucking money either, man. I get paid either way and I get paid good. These dudes wanna fucking make it soft and wanna be like, “oh money fight, money fight, this and that, money fight”. Yeah, that’s cool. The money will come to you. You just gotta keep winning, you gotta keep putting in your time, you gotta obviously do it. But these bitches want to fucken fight like one time and go and retire. I understand it, you’re a pussy (laughs). Don’t worry about it cause you don’t like to fight. Alright, you’re in the wrong sport. Go try tennis. This is a man’s sport. I fight, I like to have job security. Give me somebody in front of me that wants to have their ass beat. Give me somebody that wants to fucking go in there and test their will against me. I thought this was the UFC and we’re supposed to be the best and toughest fighters in the world. Point proven, Khabib, McGregor and Nate Diaz are a bunch of bitches. Well, let me say it this way, they’re a bunch of non-winners. Didn’t mean to say that, let me try and clean it up. These guys are not in it to win it. Their bushido way is not in the shinobi way, they’re not in it for a ninja. You say “ninja skills”, you want to say “don’t be scared homie”. It’s all fake for them and I understand it. You want to build your following, that’s cool. I say, you ain’t shit without your homeboys. Because one on one becomes me and Nate, or me and Khabib, or myself and McGregor, you know how the outcome’s gonna go. It’s gonna go bloody. And I don’t know if Conor deserves the red panty night at the sight of my hands like the butcher, cause that dude is an easy plate to pick and three hit wonder, let me talk my way to a title. I have to give it to him. You know, not everyone can do it the way he did it. But as far as technical goes, I’m way, way better of a fighter than him. I hit way harder than him and I’m very hard to hit and I roll with the punches more than anybody. One of my leg kicks would chop his leg off and that dude would go limping home to Ireland. You say that with any other person wants to go toe to toe with me? I don’t have to throw kicks. You want to go toe to toe? My boxing is a lot better than yours. I’m a lot harder to hit when I’m moving, my footwork’s great. I’m gonna star posting more videos out here so all of you fans can start following me on my way to victory, which is @TonyFergusonXT on that twitter thingy and on IG. I’m tired of this leprechaun. I’m seriously tired of this leprechaun, I’m tired of these fake ass dudes. Let some real fighters up in the division. I say fuck these rankings, they don’t know shit. I mean, the only people that I really pay attention to are the G’s in my phone, the ones that call me and they know exactly. But we know already that I’m rough around the edges, but I’m a fucking tough as nails fighter and I don’t give a shit about the other shit. I don’t. I’m in it to win it and that belt will look a lot better on my shelf than his.”

If Tony is itching to fight as soon as possible and that’s why he’s looking down the rankings at guys like Edson Barboza

“I want a fight. I want to work for something and earn it. How about that? When’s the last time somebody actually like worked for something and earned it instead of talked their way to fucken do it? The last time I could remember, that was Edson Barboza fight. Cause these other dudes don’t matter. Like, could sell that motherfucker. I don’t have to talk shit. You want to see skill? You want to see people who wanna go?”

“Literally, I don’t have to talk shit about beheading people or doing this other stuff. I really don’t. I let my actions do the talking and what I do is I won’t be stingy with my presentation of my art. I will show you my punching and my kicks and my movement. I will show you all this stuff that I worked on for so many years because that’s who I am. I’m an artist. I only want to show you guys the finished project, I don’t want to show you a piece of shit. That’s what I want. Give me an opponent that deserves a finished project. Give me an opponent. And I’m not in a hurry. I want somebody that’s quality calibre, that’s earned it and deserves it. Because this division is fucken bullshit and it needs to be enforced again. This is a new-age Johnny Cage talking.”

On if Tony has any dream opponents at 170

“Absolutely. You know what, I’m looking at 170 like it’s a whole new city full of different food that I never ate and I’m the master with the Yelp machine that’s going in that bitch and taking all those motherfuckers out. I did at 155, I have no problem dropping to 145 or 170 and taking all these dudes out one by one. Man, that’s job security. I don’t give two shits, man. These guys want to see me fight, that’s cool as fuck cause I enjoy doing this. I love what I’m doing. You want me to have that belt? Maybe I’ll be sad when I have that belt because I’ll be so busy and I won’t be able to do anything. I tell people, enjoy me now before I have that belt because I might be an asshole when I have it. I don’t know. Because everyone always fucking changes, but I keep still being the same person cause I have it in my head to be the best and the greatest. So regardless of the weight, regardless of the time and regardless of where, the same maximum amount of effort but more videos and everything else will be put into this camp and it’s gonna be fucking amazing and you fans are in for a fucking treat. So the next time you see me in the media, whether it’s FOX or on pay-per-view, make sure ya’ll fighters tune in, because I’m gonna say something interesting and you guys never know what I’m gonna say.”