Jorge Masvidal gave his honest opinions on a number of fighters during a recent appearance on “UFC Tonight.”

Masvidal meets Demian Maia next month at UFC 211 from Dallas.

Masvidal on how he’ll stop Demian Maia: “There’s this key ingredient called wrestling. None of the other dudes possess it. Defensive wrestling, I can hold my own against anyone in the division. Just like when I was fighting Cowboy, they thought I was going to be decapitated, and they were sorely mistaken. They’re going to find out just how good my grappling is defensively on May 13.”

Masvidal on if he’s been working on jiu-jitsu: “No jiu-jitsu, just wrestling. The way my game is, I don’t get outwrestled on the mat usually.”

Masvidal on if he’d have a problem fighting fellow ATT team member Tyron Woodley: “No, not on my end or his end. We’re both good friends. He’s shown me a lot in the past. There’s no hard feelings if we have to scrap. I’m here to get the money. I’ve got kids to feed.”

Masvidal on how GSP will look after USADA: “Me personally, I’d rather be safe than sorry. I want to see everybody doing the USADA routine. A lot of guys were looking like super soldiers in the ring. Now a lot of guys, via USADA, they look like they don’t belong in there. The movement, the power, these guys were slamming people for five rounds. Now they have one round in them and are breaking. Big shout out to USADA.”