Jake Shields is preparing for his next fight under the Submission Underground banner, as he’ll meet Dillon Danis.

And while the two have never squared off officially, they do share history together.

Shields talked about that, owning wins over UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and top contender Demian Maia, and more during a recent appearance on Submission Radio.

On having beaten both the current welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and top contender Demian Maia in the UFC

“Yeah, exactly. That’s a lot of interest having beat the champ and Maia being the number one contender. So those are guys I beat and not that long ago. I still feel like I can beat those guy, so it does make it tempting to go in there and beat Maia and beat Woodley again.”

If Jake ever realistically considers jumping back over to the UFC

“Yeah, I mean, more like maybe. I’m with World Series, have fights with them, so I’m not dying to try and get out of my contract and jump over. But if it fell into place, you know, I know I’m a little older but I don’t feel old. I’m back in New York, I’m rejuvenated again. I feel like I’m learning lots of new stuff.”

“I definitely still feel like I can get in there and fight the best in the world, so it is tempting to go in the UFC. It’s not something that I’m constantly thinking about, trying to do, but if the situation arises I’d love to get in there and fight Woodley again or Maia or Masvidal or one of the top guys so I can go in there and beat those guys.”

Thoughts on Dillon Danis as his next opponent at SUG 4

“He’s a great opponent. He’s really skilled. You know, he might be a little prick and mouthy and cocky, but the guy, I’m not gonna knock his skills by any means. He’s legit. He’s one of the best in the world and it’s exciting to fight him.”

If Danis’ cockiness rubs Shields the wrong way

“It’s like half, half, you know what I mean? He’s kind of a little Conor boy. Having the rivalry with Conor and then now I’m training with Renzo’s (Gracie) and now they have a little rivalry, so of course there’s a little bit of bad blood between the two of us. But overall, I don’t think he’s that bad of a guy. I think he is a little cocky, but he’s also out there selling himself and he’s talented, he’s young. So he’s not someone I seriously hate, but I do want to go out there and kick his ass.”

“I certainly don’t want to lose to someone that cocky”

What Jake thought about Danis trying to get that grappling match with Jon Jones

“I think it would be really exciting match as well. It’s a good match up because Jon Jones is obviously bigger, he’s one of the greatest fighters of all time. But I think just jiu jitsu, I think Dillon’s a lot better. But with Jon having the size it makes it interesting. If I had to pick, I think Dillon would probably take him. But it would be an exciting match to watch.”

If Jake feels that the grappling community is behind him due to Dillon not being as respectful and being very cocky for a grappler

“Yeah, a little bit. I mean, I think some guys like Dillon, but overall, I don’t think he’s one of the more liked guys. There’s been a lot of people – I don’t really want to talk about who doesn’t like him, but a lot of people are like, “kick this kid’s ass, I can’t stand him,” and you can definitely see it. And like you said, he’s been kicked off of Marcelo’s (Garcia) team – which I have no idea what happened with that – but Marcelo’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met, so he must have done something to be a prick to get kicked off that team (laughs).”

If there’s more of an incentive to put on a display at SUG 4 due to the bad blood between team McGregor and Diaz

“Yeah, yeah, exactly. There’s that bad blood between the teams, so definitely. It definitely puts more on the line when you’re repping your team as well. So it’s not just me, it’s about that whole rivalry.”

What Nick and Nate’s reaction to the match up was and if they’ll be there for SUG 4 to support him

“I mean, they don’t like Dillon, so of course I’m gonna kick his ass. So it’s more just, “oh, kick the guy’s ass”. And if they’ll be there… I don’t know, it’s hard to say. They’re kind of last-minute planners. Portland’s not too far from where we’re at, so good chance they’ll make it up.”

Jake’s reaction to Danis’ tweet about the coffee throwing incident from the UFC 202 Press Conference

“I think Dillon’s just mad that I doused him with coffee, cause I threw the cup lightly cause Dillon’s really close to me and I got my target. So he’s little butthurt about that.”

“Oh I got my target. I would have thrown it harder if I was trying not to get him, but Dillon was right there, so that’s who I was aiming for. I got him and a couple of Conor’s guys. Their shirts had coffee all over them. So I’ll see if I can find some pictures of him getting hit since he’s talking shit. He had coffee all over him. It was pretty funny. So yeah, I think he’s just mad that I got him good with the coffee. I know I saw him talking shit to Nate and I was like, “oh, fuck this,” and I chucked it at him.”

“At the presser – yeah, I’m used to fighting and shit-talking, so it ain’t gonna rattle me up.”

“It’s funny, a lot of people were making fun and were talking shit on that post. They don’t realize, if you throw a full cup of coffee, if you chuck it like a baseball, that’s gonna fly open and so you’re not gonna get anything. So you gotta kind of lob it slowly so you hit your target – which I did perfectly.”

How he sees his match up with Dillon going

“Well Dillon is a guy that will go for it. So I don’t expect him to stall, which is nice. So I think we’re just both going to go out there and hunt for submissions right away. There’s no points, so I see us both going straight at it and hopefully one of us will be submitted – well, not one of us, hopefully I’ll submit him in regulation time and not have the overtime because the overtime is a little weird. You know, you start in the armbar and back, and that’s a position I think is a little bit shitty. So hopefully we don’t go in that. Hopefully I get a submission in the regulation time period.”

Prediction on how he’s winning

“I’m gonna say submission in regulation time. I don’t really like to call out the submission. There’s too many possibilities.”

“Probably not the flying triangle. That’s probably what I won’t finish him in. I would say a good chance of choke. That’s probably the most likely scenario.”