UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson made history Saturday night, tying Anderson Silva’s consecutive title defense record.

“Mighty Mouse” finished Wilson Reis in the third round of their main event at UFC on FOX 24, marking the 10th consecutive title defense for the champion. Silva set his record in the middleweight division.

“It’s an honor,” Johnson said. “I’m going to stay humble, get better, stay healthy and finish the next fight.”

Johnson had no trouble with Reis, picking him apart through the first two rounds before taking things to the canvas in the third. He quickly found control there too before locking in an armbar submission.

“I give it all to my coaches,” said Johnson of his game plan coming in. “First they wanted me to bust him up. Then, once I felt comfortable in there, they said to go for it.”

As for what’s next, Johnson didn’t name anyone specific. Instead, he just plans to continuing to get better.

“I’ve been a champion since 2012,” he said. “Once a champion things he’s the best, that’s when you get your loss. I still keep asking my coaches how I can get better.

“I’m happy. I’m a humble guy. My fighting does the talking.”