Daniel Cormier stopped by “UFC Tonight” to discuss his upcoming UFC 210 title defense vs. Anthony Johnson.

Cormier on training with his UFC TONIGHT co-host Kenny Florian: “He’s great. The guy’s a third-degree black belt for a reason. There are little details he showed me that I’ve implemented with a lot of success in my sparring already. In the past, Kenny would send me fight breakdowns. Now he’s made his presence known at AKA. I value Kenny as a friend, as a partner and now as a coach.”

Cormier on what he learned from the first fight with Johnson: “He was a lot faster than I thought. I’m anticipating a much better Rumble. He’s going to address the areas I gave him problems in. I’m going to beat him a lot worse than the first time. I know who he is. He’s a big dangerous guy, but I’m not afraid of him and I’m going to break his spirit and dominate him again.”

Cormier on how he’s going to close the gap and avoid the big punch: “Last time I was reacting to strikes to take him down. Now I want to take the initiative. He’s either going to spaz out or be patient. If he’s patient, I’ll run him over. I’ll charge at him and demolish him. If he’s spazzes out, it makes him more dangerous.”