Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman believes he will get a finish at UFC 210 when he takes on Gegard Mousasi.

Weidman talked about that contest, Georges St-Pierre returning and more during a recent appearance on “Submission Radio.”

Chris’ video game obsession and why he started a Twitch channel

“I’ve been gaming since as long as I can remember, and then I got to PC gaming and then I was doing consoles for a long time like through college and stuff, but since I started having kids it started dwindling down and I moved a few times. I even set up my computer, which I built like five years ago – and it was top of the line five years ago but now it’s kind of is not as good as what’s out there at all. But anyway, so I was playing some Counter-Strike at night during this camp, just kind of to chill out, and I was in Jiu Jitsu and one of the guys in Jiu Jitsu, he makes money streaming and he was talking to me about it and I was like, “man, you make money doing this?”. I was like, maybe I’ll just start streaming when I play video games cause I’m playing anyway, I’ll just start streaming it. And that’s what I started doing.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve done it all. I mean, I think I became a little bit more mature with it. Like, you know, a little bit more structured with my time. But oh man, yeah, through the years, man I was out of my mind with gaming. Not just Counter-Strike – which I’ve definitely spent lots of time on – but I mean, I was even geeking out. I was doing World of Warcraft, I was power-levelling characters. I was out of my mind for a while. So yeah, definitely.”

If Weidman asked for Mousasi and his thoughts on having him as an opponent

“I mean it’s what I want. I want the best guys, I want the guys that… I mean, when have I ever fought a guy who wasn’t a top guy? And Mousasi would be almost a step down from the level of guys I’ve been fighting. And he’s on a nice win streak, he’s developed a name for himself, he’s experienced, he’s been around, but I feel like every time he’s stepped up and fought a top-notch guy I think he came a little bit short. So it’s a great fight, people are behind it, people think he’s good and so if I go out there and dominate him I think it bring me closer to getting back to that title contention.”

Where Mousasi ranks compared to Chris’ last few opponents

“I don’t know. I think, like you know, you watch him fight, when he fought Lyoto Machida I think he was on a win streak and Mousasi was – It might have been right after I beat Machida. I don’t remember exactly – But I mean, he did everything he could to win that fight, just he couldn’t track down Machida, he couldn’t get the win. I don’t think he’s beat a top, top guy before. And honestly, I haven’t really watched him too much. I watched him more like live. I haven’t like scouted him or anything like that. Like my coaches are obviously, but I haven’t really watched too much video on him so I don’t really know his history. (laughs) Oh god, I don’t even know what I’m saying right now (laughs).”

If going into this fight losing back-to-back fights has changed Chris’ preparation or mentality

“No, not really. I mean, every fight always feels like the biggest fight of your life and this is definitely no different. I gotta win this fight. I gotta go out there and not just win it, but I gotta go out there and dominate it. And that’s the pressure I put on myself, you know, and I feel like I kind of do that for all my fights. But my mentality is strong. I feel very confident I can go out there and break him, put him in panic mode and I just feel like I’m the better athlete and the more technical athlete in every aspect of the game.”

Biggest advantages over Mousasi apart from wrestling

“I think my pressure, my size, strength, I think my range. You know, I’m pretty long and the way I’m able to mix it up in the striking for the wrestling. I mean, I think he got outstruck by Lyoto Machida and I outstruck Lyoto Machida. So if we really wanna go down the striking game, I’m confident with that too. So anywhere this fight is, I’m gonna feel comfortable. And the fact is that I can dictate this fight. I can take this fight to the ground and he’s gonna be losing down there. And his biggest weakness is also his biggest strength – he’s very relaxed, which is a great trait, but sometimes him being relaxed, before you know it the fight’s over and he didn’t get the job done. So I’m gonna make him panic. He’s gonna realize that he’s got three rounds to win. To the judges, you can’t just sit back, get taken down and think it’s okay. You know, you’re gonna lose, and especially with me on top of him. He’s not going to be able to relax like maybe he’s relaxed with other people when he gets taken down. He’s really gonna have to worry about the big ground and pound and the submissions.”

What Weidman wants more, a rematch with Rockhold or a title shot

“What I want more than anything is the title. That’s where the money’s at, man. That’s the bread and butter. So again, the title’s the number one thing I have my eye set on. I got nothing with Rockhold. You know, whatever, he fought a better fight than me, he beat me and at one point we will get a rematch and I will redeem myself, but it’s not something that I’m losing sleep over.”

Thoughts on GSP getting the middleweight title shot and people in the division like Romero being overlooked

“Well it’s definitely holding up the division, which sucks for everybody in the middleweight division. I understand GSP. I mean, he gets the opportunity to fight for the middleweight title against a guy who’s probably less dangerous for him, and even at welterweight, you know, fighting a guy like Tyron Woodley. So it’s a great opportunity for GSP, so I understand what he’s doing. For Bisping, it’s a great opportunity for him. He gets to make a lot of money fighting GSP and it’s a guy who’s coming up from welterweight who hasn’t fought in, I don’t know, like three years and he’s again now not fighting a top contender in the middleweight division. So for those two guys it’s working out great, but for the rest of the division it kind of sucks.”

If Chris feels sorry for Romero

“Yeah, I definitely feel for him. And I mean, he deserves it. He beat me fair and square with a beautiful knockout, so I expected him to get it. But Bisping I don’t think wants that fight, and then all of sudden it’s just bad timing with GSP coming back and Bisping opening his mouth, trying to want that fight. So it’s just bad timing for him.”

Who’s winning out of Bisping/GSP

“Bisping’s a way bigger guy than GSP. GSP’s, you know, talking about even going down to 155, so the size disparity is gonna be a lot and GSP’s been out for a long time now. So that’s the curve balls that we’ve got going. But I think GSP has been a more proven winner over the years and I think he can find a way to win.”

If Weidman’s sparred with GSP and if he felt as strong as other middleweight opponents he’s faced

“He’s definitely a smaller guy, and I haven’t gone live with him or anything like that. We’ve worked together, but nothing to be told. But he’s definitely a smaller a guy but he’s capable of doing anything he wants to do.”

If Weidman thinks GSP would stick around and fight other middleweight contenders and possibly him

“No, I don’t think he’s gonna stick around at middleweight, first off. And second off, yeah, I don’t think we would fight. Renzo Gracie affiliation is too strong. He trains there with Danaher. GSP’s just a good dude. I don’t know. I mean, unless he called me up and was like, ”listen, let’s do it, we’re gonna make a lot of money doing it,” (laughs) then I’d be like, okay. But I have no interest in doing it.”

Prediction on how he beats Mousasi

“I think a TKO. A TKO in round two.”