Robert Whittaker is enjoying some time away from the grind of MMA, but when he returns, he’ll gladly throw down with Gegard Mousasi.

Check out highlights of Whittaker’s interview with “Submission Radio.”

If Robert Whittaker was offered the fight with Anderson Silva

“No, they didn’t get me up for anything like. I have my own agenda as well, so I only take fights when I can, if my body’s healthy and if it’s good for me.”

“I fight when I can. I love fighting, I don’t try and stray away from it. I love fighting big-name card fights. So if my body’s healthy and I’m ready for a fight, I’ll take a fight. So early in the year I had just had my son and I was recovering from some injuries that I sustained last camp and during the fight, and yeah, I just take my time. I’m in no rush. I’ve got age and time on my side.”

On Mousasi and Weidman being booked and if he thought he should’ve been booked against one of them

“I’m happy to let them slug it out. I’m happy to let them just throw down with each other. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here. Every time I’m not fighting I’m just increasing my skillset and just getting better at what I do and I’m getting more efficient at my training. So if I get them beforehand or I get to them after, it doesn’t bother me. I’ll end up getting to everyone.

When Rob will be ready to fight and his response to Gegard Mousasi insinuating that he was avoiding him

“I’m happy to fight after April. If I have to fight sooner I will, but you know, I think April is a good time. Looking at dates after April I think are good for me because my family would have settled down, and I heard (laughs) Mousasi say that I’m having a long holiday – and I am, I am, I’m enjoying it (laughs). It’s not up to him when I’m gonna stop my holiday.”

“I think people that know me know I’m not scared of anyone. I’m not ducking anyone. I’ll fight him very well after my bloody holiday.”

With the top contenders in the division already taken, if Rob would be willing to fight guys ranked below him

“I definitely want a fight with a top-five contender. I fought dudes that were under me and I think I deserve a shot at the guys above me. My goal and my objective is to keep going up and that’s the way I’m going to do it.”

Where he sees himself in the division by the end of the year

“I only see myself going up, to be honest, and I see myself beating a couple of guys in the top five and either being in contention for the belt or holding the belt. But the UFC’s a funny sport. It has its ups and downs and we’ll just have to wait and see.”