Tony Ferguson has heard all of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s comments leading into their interim UFC lightweight title.

And he’s not amused.

Ferguson appeared on “Submission Radio” recently to discuss Nurmagomedov, their fight and Conor McGregor.

Tony responds to Jose Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras who said he was running for Aldo

“That dude is full of shit. You know what, I’ve never backed away from a fight. In fact, I’ve taken fights to save cards, as for other people saying that they’re gonna take like a fall or whatever. But I don’t know what Aldo’s problem is. He’s trying to stay in the limelight but that dude’s fading out faster than a firework on the fourth of July. He’s trying to make his way back in and he’s trying to obviously have my name in his mouth, whereas that’s not fair to say, because honestly, I’m not talking shit to him. But if him and his coach wanna sign the dotted line, I don’t have a problem with it. But to say that I refused the fight is complete shit. Like I said, I’ve never backed away from any fights, any fight that’s ever been presented to me so far and so forth. I always sign on the dotted line and I always show up no matter what. There’s been one instance that I haven’t. But man, I fucking bite my lip and I get so pissed off at myself that I couldn’t make it that one time – and that was Khabib, and this is the fight that we’re talking about. Fuck Aldo.”

If he ever got offered the Aldo fight

“Did I get offered it? I don’t remember getting offered the Aldo fight at all. I don’t remember it being on the fucking board. I don’t even remember it being on the plate. So as far as what people are saying, the fights that I got offered are the ones that have been presented to me.”

On renegotiating his deal with Dana to make this UFC 209 fight happen

“It was a bullshit kind of talk thing that just had to happen. I thought, you know what, we have the same kind of numbers, we have the same kind of record – as far as demographics, I don’t know. You want to talk about Instagram likes and all that other bullshit. I didn’t get involved in this business for that. But I felt that what was going on wasn’t fair, so I had fucking put my foot down. I put my foot down. I’ve always been a guy for my company, I’ve been a “yes man”, but this is the time I thought I needed to be fair. We’re fighting for an Interim belt. There’s no bullshit, man. There’s no bullshit fight. This is the one. You’ve got a nine-fight in a row record, versus eight-fight record with a padded record and a furry hat. That’s this dude. Man, I’m about to about to fight and I’m gonna take all this credibility. I’m gonna take his hype train. I’m gonna derail that SOB, man. I’m tired of the talks between, “oh I made the more money, this and that”. Like, man, you guys are fucking fools, man. You guys have your heads floating in the clouds. I’m gonna put you guys back on the ground where you belong. I’m the money-maker here. You guys run, I’m gonna crush you guys. I’m the mat monster in this division and I’m the one keeping it straight – Bushido life. So even when Khabib wanted to offer up the fight money, I thought it was bullshit that the UFC didn’t do it. I’m like sitting here like, “you got fighters wanting to fork over the money for us to create these fights, let’s go company, let’s go, man”. I’m a company man, I’m up for the UFC, but you gotta pay your fighters, man. And I’m worth it. I show up, I bleed for this company and I make other people bleed, and that’s what the fans want. March 4th, you’re gonna see exactly that come UFC 209.”

If Tony got what he wanted from the new UFC deal and if he’s happy now

“Hell no, I’m not happy. Do I look happy? Do I sound happy? Fuck no, I’m not happy. I can’t wait until I’m happy, until I smash this dude in the ground and then go after the real belt. Like I said, I don’t look past these guys, I look right through them. And with Khabib right now – and even with past people that have always told me, ”you worry about winning, Tony. You worry about winning, Anthony, and everything else is gonna put itself over”. And so far, so good. And I’m relentless and these guys don’t have that same pace that I do. They can’t match my grind.”

If Tony will want to renegotiate his pay check once again if he has a multimillion dollar fight with Conor McGregor

“Well it will be funny because Conor and I actually have the same management. So if I do win, I mean obviously it’s going to be something kind of to talk about. But that’s beside the point. But they’re already talking about it, and I know where their heads are at and they know where I’m at. So I don’t have to go outside and cause a lot of BS. But I know whoever’s holding that belt, I don’t care who’s boy they are, I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna wreck shit. So there’s only two other people that are left in this division. I don’t give a shit who’s managing them, it’s not gotta stop me from slinging leather and coming out with that victory.”

On Khabib saying he wants to break Tony’s face and his arm in the fight

“Now you done did brought up old shit. Now you done did it brought up old shit. Now you’re gonna bring me back to that one time where I was pissed off and I went and blasted the shit out of the bags. Because for one, I love holding my son. I love holding my kid and nothing is gonna fucking stop me from holding my son. So you can threaten me, Khabib, but that’s not what you wanna fucking do to me, because I’m not the guy to threaten.”

“This dude’s gonna get knocked out by my fucking jab. He’s not even going to get a chance to fucking get to the ground. Because if it does get to the ground, I’m gonna choke his ass out. I’m gonna choke his ass out harder than I did Edson Barbosa or anybody else. I was nice, now I just want to put this fucker to sleep. You want to break my arm? I’ll be nice. I’ll give you a chance to tap. But if not, I’ll let you go and I’ll beat the shit out of you and then I’ll put you back to my submission. I’m not playing with you Khabib. You fucking threaten me one more time dude, I swear dude it’s over.”

If Tony’s goal is to beat Khabib in his strength and submit him in this fight

“Always. I’m always gonna beat everybody at their own strength. Why? Because that’s a challenge and that’s what I do. I accept all challenges. That’s what I do and I exceed all challenges and expectations because I’m a successful person. I’m doing everything behind the scenes to get everything out there. I’m gonna knock this dude out. Even if I don’t knock him out, I’m gonna five point throw him. And in my kind of wrestling, that’s a badass throw. So (in) sambo if you get thrown from your feet to your back, that means you just got your ass whooped. So if I throwing you Khabib from your feet to your ass, dude I just schooled you in Sambo. And then I’m gonna school you in MMA by beating you up. And then once you give me that neck, then I’m gonna submit you and then I’m gonna be better at Jiu Jitsu. So then you have absolutely no fucking excuse and you’re gonna go pout to your pop and then you’re gonna try to go back to the drawing board and you’re going to have to admit to 1.4 or 1.5 million people how you suck at boxing and how your sambo and Jiu Jitsu is piss poor to my Jiu Jitsu and my wrestling.”

On people not thinking that the winner between Tony and Khabib isn’t the real lightweight champion

“Well either way, we’re the toughest sons of bitches in the division right now, because money made McNugget soft and we all know that. That dude, he wants to call himself the ghost, but he’s gonna fade like a ghost cause he’s a fucking buster. Straight up, dude. That dude’s fake as fuck. So regardless of what he decides to do, it’s what myself or Khabib decide to do with the belt. Because that dude’s like, he’s trying to quit. He’s trying to look for excuses on his way out. He doesn’t want to fucking be in a man’s division. He might as well try to cut to 145 and lost that belt. Now he’s got a bullshit and try to make excuses for the 155-pound belt. But when one of us has that belt, which is gonna be me, then he’s gonna a hard as fuck time trying to go on his way to victory. Because when you’re facing the boogeyman, you’re facing something kind of different. And both these guys don’t fucking get it. I don’t care who you have around you or who’s holding you back from throwing chairs and water bottles, when you’re locked inside that octagon with me, ain’t nothing gonna hold me back from getting you besides that referee. So I don’t care what belt he’s got. Straight up, I don’t care what belt is in my hands, that will be the real belt no matter what.”

On responding to McGregor’s ghost tweet

“I got tagged in it. Somebody was like, “the only ghost that we know is El Cucuy, well he’s trying to jack your style, dude”. Come on dude, you’re really trying to pay attention to me that much by trying to jock my style? Dude, go play somewhere else. I told you, you have a pass from me. Wait till your kid is born, go enjoy your time. But you want to keep poking your nose at me and try to jack my style, jock my shit, try to rack up some points by being cool – fucking go do that somewhere else, dude. We’re real fighters over here. You ain’t no ghost. The only ghost you are is you’re gonna fade out. That’s why I call him a buster.”

With Conor McGregor’s potential absence and Mayweather fight on the horizon, if the winner of Tony/Khabib should go from interim lightweight champion to the official champion

“Yeah sure, but do you want to see it like that? I don’t. You sure as hell as don’t. You want to see McGregor get his ass kicked by T-Ferg. That’s what you want to see. You want to see a stylisticly good fight. You want to see it go back and forth and talking shit, because I’m that dude that won’t back down. You thought Nate was funny? Dude, I would have said everything. You guys haven’t seen shit yet. And Khabib doesn’t even deserve to get the full mouth on me for this one. Fuck that. No way, dude. This one’s personal. So if he wants to nit-pick and say he wants to break my arm and do all this, imagine what Conor would say and how much hype that shit would get. You want to see Mayweather do that? Mayweather is gonna knock his ass out. Mayweather’s too much for him and he alreadt knows that shit too and the rest of the boxing world knows that. I know who to put my money on in that one. But the real fight that everyone wants to see – and who doesn’t know who to put their money on – would be the McGregor/Ferguson fight. Why? Cause I’m gonna smash that fool. I’m gonna submit him. You already saw him being submitted. That dude tapped before he even got the choke locked in. So I don’t know, man. I don’t even know if I would want to waste my time on that kind of dude. He doesn’t meet my fight standards. The only dude right now that meets it is Khabib.”


“Oh man, I’m gonna see right away as soon as he gets hit by my jab, he’s gonna be tasting nickels and dimes and that acidic taste in his mouth and he’s gonna try to shoot in and give me that neck. I’ll put him in snap down city and then that’s it, it’s going to be over. And I won’t tell you what round, I’m not even trying. Because the last fight, that one felt like sparring for me. But this guy, I want to go in there and I want to finish him. So regardless if it’s quick or if it goes all five rounds, he’s gonna be punished and he’s gonna learn a lesson or two in respect. And he wants to try and break my arm? I’m not gonna try and break his arm, but I’m gonna break his spirit and his will and I’m gonna send him home crying.