The preliminary bouts for UFC 200 are over in Las Vegas, so now it’s time to move to the ridiculously stacked, main card.

In the headliner, bantamweight champ Miesha Tate will take on Amanda Nunes. In the co-main event, former heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar will battle Mark Hunt (and let’s not forget that Jose Aldo – Frankie Edgar II, and Daniel Cormier – Anderson Silva are coming up as well…).

Travis Browne vs. Cain Velasquez

Round 1: Velasquez plants a left but Browen counters with a big right. Velasquez lands a leg kick. Velasquez charges in but Browne circles out. Velasquez sticks a jab and then lands a right. Velasquez goes for a single but Browne defends. They’re clinched up against the cage. They break. Another leg kick from Velasquez. Velasquez flurries in and pushes Browne to the fence. They break. Velasquez attempts a big kick and then cracks Browne with a follow up punch. Latter hits the floor. Velasquez is working from the side, and is landing punches from above. Browne tries getting to his feet but is eating shots. Finally Browne gets to his feet. They trade big shots Wow. Browne looks wobbled. Browne attempts a big right and then falls to the mat. Velasquez is on top and is firing away. This could be stopped. “Big” John McCarthy stops the fight seconds before the round was to end. What a win for Velasquez.

Cain Velasquez def. Travis Browne via TKO (punches) R1, 4:57

Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

Round 1: This is for the interim 145 title. Edgar with a leg kick. Aldo goes to the body with a jab. Edgar misses with a high kick. Edgar with a body kick. Aldo sticks a jab. Nice leg kick from Edgar. Aldo goes to the body again with a punch. Aldo counters with a right. Edgar goes for a single leg but can’t get it. Edgar with more leg kicks. Edgar just misses with a right. They both spin for kicks. Aldo plants a right. Aldo knees Edgar to the body. Nicely done. Aldo catches Edgar with another knee. Latter shoots in but eats a left. Round ends.

Round 2: Edgar whiffs on a high kick. Latter plants a leg kick. Aldo sticks a jab but takes a kick to the body. Another knee to the body from Aldo. Edgar shoots in but can’t get the TD. Edgar plants a right. Edgar is bleeding a bit by his right eye. Edgar charges in but eats a right. Latter plants a right and attempts a TD that’s squashed. Another TD attempt from Edgar is denied. They trade jabs. Right hand from Aldo. Combo by Edgar. Edgar flurries in but takes a right. Aldo with another right. Edgar takes another jab. Aldo blasts Edgar with another knee when he charges in. Round ends.

Round 3: Edgar eats a right hand but lands a leg kick. Another leg kick from the latter. They both wing big punches. Another TD attempt from Edgar is shut down. Edgar pushes Aldo to the cage. Aldo lands a knee to the head of Edgar. Latter is cut by left eye as well. Edgar is starting to wear it. Both men land shots. Edgar flurries in but misses. Aldo plants a hard, hard right. Edgar counters. Another hard knee from Aldo to the body of Edgar. Latter pushes him to the cage. They break. Jabs from Aldo. Edgar lands a nice right. Another jab from Aldo. Another knee from the former champ. Heavy leg kick from Aldo. Round ends.

Round 4: Aldo looks very fresh. Edgar does also, but that’s the norm. Edgar with 2 – 3. Hard body kick by Edgar. Latter feints level change and throws a right. Aldo plants a left hook. Volume has diminished this round. Edgar chucks a hard right. Edgar goes high with a kick. Nice right from Aldo. They both wing big shots. Aldo plants another big right. Edgar eats another jab. Beautiful movement from Aldo. Edgar’s face is a mess. Latter whiffs on a right. Edgar eats a shot and stumbles to the floor. Round ends.

Round 5: Aldo fires in a hard leg kick. Edgar is pressing forward and Aldo is sticking the jab, and moving. Aldo goes high with a kick. More jabs from Aldo. Edgar plants a nice hook. Aldo counters with an overhand right. Edgar changes levels but Aldo moves away. Aldo tags him with another right. Edgar flurries in but Aldo moves away. Edgar tries clinching up but Aldo breaks free.  Latter cracks Edgar with a right. Latter continues to press forward. What heart. They both miss with big shots. Edgar misses with spinning kick. Aldo maybe playing it safe this last 30 seconds. Final horn goes. Aldo should have this.

Jose Aldo def. Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva

Round 1: Silva is moving to his left. Cormier misses with a high kick. Another kick attempt from Cormier. “DC” shoots in and gets the TD. Punches from Cormier. Left hand from DC lands. Cormier moves into halfguard. Elbows from Cormier. Silva is working the lockdown. Another elbow from DC. More punches from Cormier. Latter has almost passed into mount. Silva is doing a pretty good job of tying Cormier up. Now the latter postures up. Round ends.

Round 2: Wow. Silva comes with a jumping kick but it’s blocked. Silva eats a big right but fires back with another kick attempt. DC takes him down again. Silva has Cormier’s right leg in lockdown. Now Cormier is looking for a kimura. He gives it up. Cormier throws a couple of elbows. Cormier is working from the side and lands a few more elbows from in close. Wow. “Big” John McCarthy breaks them up. Silva  attempts a Superman Punch. Cormier fires a right. Nice knee from Silva to the head. Cormier whiffs on a big right. Leg kick from Silva. Right hand from Cormier. Latter pushes Silva to the cage. Round ends.

Round 3:  Silva fires in another jumping kick. Left hand from Silva but he eats a right. They wing punches and DC gets the takedown. Silva has another lockdown going. Cormier with some strikes from above. Silva’s still doing a good job of defending but can’t do much offensively with the lockdown in place. Cormier is keeping busy. Ref stands them up again. Silva is exhausted. Cormier whiffs on a hook. DC with a legkick. Silva is pressing forward. Hard body kick from Silva and DC is hurt. Wow. Cormier clinches up. That’s likely a wrap. Horn goes.

Daniel Cormier def. Anderson Silva via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Mark Hunt vs. Brock Lesnar

Round 1: This is going to be nuts. Lesnar is light on his feet. Non one has thrown anything yet. Lesnar with a right. This is tense. Lesnar fires a nice leg kick. Hunt whiffs on a big right. Another leg kick from Lesnar. Lesnar changes levels. Stops. Now he quickly shoots in and pushes Hunt to the cage. He takes Hunt down but latter is back to his feet. Lesnar isn’t doing much. Now that I wrote that he takes Hunt down. Lesnar is in sidemount. Lesnar looks for a kimura but Hunt rolls. Lesnar lands punches from the side. Knee to the body from Lesnar. More punches. Wow. Big shots from Lesnar but Hunt gets to his feet. Another TD from Lesnar and he moves into mount. Lesnar is going to run out of time. Round ends.

Round 2: Lesnar fires a jab. Another jab from the latter. Hunt fires a big right but it hits Lesnar in teh shoulder. Hunt misses with a hook. Lesnar shoots in but Hunt sprawls. Lesnar with a sloppy TD attempt. Hunt continues to walk forward. Right hand from Hunt. Hunt whiffs on a right but Lesnar can’t get the TD. Lesnar looks tired. Hunt misses with another right. Jab from Lesnar. Hunt fires another right. Lesnar feints a level change. Now Lesnar pushes Hunt to the cage. Round ends.

Round 3: Hunt fires a jab. Big right from Hunt grazes Lesnar. Hunt moves forward but Lesnar pushes him to the cage, and gets another TD. Lesnar is in half guard and is landing punches from above. Hunt tries rolling. More punches from Lesnar. Hunt tries getting back to guard but can’t. Lesnar lands a right. Now Lesnar starts getting more behind his punches. Lesnar moves into full mount. Lesnar is looking for the arm-triangle-choke. Hard rights from Lesnar. Hunt is throwing punches from the bottom. Steady stream of punches from Lesnar. Latter isn’t posturing up though. Hammerfists from Lesnar. The pro-wrestling star is going to take this. Final horn goes.

Brock Lesnar def. Mark Hunt via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes 

Round 1: Nunes sticks a jab and then fires a leg kick. Nunes cracks Tate with a right. Nunes throws a leg kick and Tate scores the TD. Nunes pops back to her feet. Tate tries clinching up but Nunes shrugs it off. Tate get another TD but Nunes is back to her feet. Nunes is stinging Tate with hard shots. Tate is in a ton of trouble. Nunes is firing in shots and Tate is bloodied up. Tate shoots in but Nunes sprawls, and moves to her back. Tate is bleeding badly. Nunes sinks in the rear-naked-choke and Tate taps. Wow. Nunes pitches a shutout and reclaims a title for Brazil.

Amanda Nunes def. Miesha Tate via submission (rear-naked-choke) R1, 3:16