The prelims for UFC Fight Night 89 are in the books, so it’s time to move to the main card, which will be headlined by a scrap between Rory MacDonald and Stephen Thompson.

Valerie Letourneau vs Joanne Calderwood 

Round 1: Both women come out firing kicks and punches. Letourneau cracks Calderwood with a couple of hard shots. They clinch against the cage. Calderwood sweeps Letourneau to the mat. Letourneau is hunting for an armbar. Calderwood pulls out her arm and they’re back on their feet. Letourneau plants another right. Calderwood lands a right of her own. Wow. Calderwood decks Letourneau with a spinning backfist and she goes down. Calderwood is on top and Letourneau is trying to tie her up. Letourneau does a good job of defending and Calderwood gets back to her feet, lets her up.Letourneau lands a nice jab. Big right hand from Calderwood. Round ends.

Round 2: Letourneau seems to be fully recovered. Latter fires a right. Elbow from Letourneau. Calderwood attempts a standing elbow. Calderwood plants a right but Letourneau returns with a snapping jab. Calderwood changes levels and gets the TD. Letourneau is looking for a kimura but gives it up. Letourneau gets back to her feet. Letourneau lands a bodykick. Latter throws another kick but Calderwood counters with a TD. Letourneau cracks her with some elbows from the bottom. Letourneau gets to her feet. Lots of volume. Round ends.

Round 3: High pace of strikes continues. Letourneau grazes Calderwood with a headkick. Calderwood attempts a TD but Letourneau defends. Calderwood pushes Letourneau to the fence. Wow. Calderwood kicks Letourneau in the solar plexus and she’s hurt. Calderwood follows up with a big right hand. Letourneau takes a kick to the chest and the fight’s momentarily stopped by the ref. Uniform malfunction? Looked like the kick may have hit her in the jaw. Not sure what Letourneau is upset about. Action resumes. Calderwood lands another kick to the stomach and Letourneau turns away in pain again. Calderwood follows up and after landing another shot, the ref finally stops it. Not sure why the ref didn’t jump in earlier. Bizarre. Big win for Calderwood.

Joanne Calderwood def. Valerie Letourneau via TKO (body kick and punches) R3, 2:51

Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs Thibault Gouti

Round 1: Aubin-Mercier shoots for a single not long in. Gouti defends and fires in a right. OAM with a jumping kick that misses. Telegraphed TD attempt from OAM. Latter wings a headkick and another. Hard body kick from OAM and he charges in, gets the TD. OAM is on top, trying to pass halfguard of Gouti. Punches from OAM. Gouti tries getting up but OAM moves to his back. Gouti takes top position during a scramble and lands some hard punches. OAM gets back to his feet. Another hard body kick from OAM. Gouti lands an uppercut. Nice left straight from OAM. Wow. Gouti charges in and bombs away with several big shots. Round ends.

Round 2: OAM chucks another bodykick and a TD, but can’t get it. Gouti lands a knee to the body off the clinch. OAM dives for another TD but is denied. Nice jab from OAM. Hard left from OAM. Knee from latter grazes Gouti. Wow. Gouti lands a hard right, and looks for a guillotine, but OAM gets the TD. Elbow from OAM. And another. More punches from OAM. Gouti needs to move. Round ends.

Round 3: Gouti needs a stoppage. OAM shoots in and grabs a single. Gouti defends for a moment but gets swept to the floor. OAM moves to his back. OAM almost sinks the choke. Gouti starts to roll but OAM finally gets the RNC, and that’s it. Solid win for Aubin-Mercier.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier def. Thibault Gouti via submission (rear-naked-choke) R3, 2:28

Steve Bosse vs Sean O’Connell 

Round 1: This should be a barn burner. Bosse wings a big right that misses. Wow. They’re just chucking shots in the pocket. O’Connell just misses with a left hook. O’Connell rocks Bosse with a punch and sends him to the deck. O’Connell is attacking from above but Bosse gets back to his feet. Crazy. Bosse fires in a big right but O’Connell eats it. Body kick from the later. O’Connell blasts Bosse with another left. O’Connell is landing far more often. They clinch up. Body punches from Bosse. Latter cracks O’Connell again but he just takes it. What a chin. Bosse misses with a spinning backfist. Now Bosse is looking for a single. Round ends. Great action.

Round 2: This is nuts. They’re just bombing away shots in the pocket. Bosse appears to have gotten the better of that exchange. O’Connell pushes Bosse to the fence. Trip attempt from Bosse. They break. Wow. Bosse eats a left hook but counters with a booming right. O’Connell stumbles to the floor after attempting a kick. Bosse fires a right from above but takes an upkick. Another right hand from Bosse. Hammerfists from Bosse. O’Connell is in all sorts of trouble. O’Connell gives up his back but gets to his feet. Bosse fires in another right. Round ends.

Round 3: More heavy punches from both. This is nuts. Both guys plants huge bombs. Ha. They give each other a high five. O’Connell is bleeding from the nose. O’Connell sticks Bosse with a hard left. Spinning backfist from Bosse. Each guy lands heavy shots again. O’Connell plants a right. Another spinning backfist from Bosse but O’Connell counters with a left. O’Connell clinches up. Again, they trade big punches. O’Connell clinches up again but can’t hold on. O’Connell lands another left. Final horn goes. What a war.

Steve Bosse def. Sean O’Connell via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

Donald Cerrone vs Patrick Cote 

Round 1: Cote fires in a big right. Wow. Cote over extends with another right and Cerrone takes him down. Beautifully timed. Cote is working the omoplata and gets to his feet. Nicely down. Cote Leg kick from Cerrone. Latter goes high with a kick. Another TD from Cerrone. Wow. Cerrone is looking to pass half guard and Cote gives up his back. Cerrone nearly gets the choke.  Cote rolls gets to his feet. Round ends.

Round 2: Cote with a body kick. Another one from Cote. Cerrone fires a hard leg kick. Cerrone flurries in. Another heavy leg kick from Cerrone. Another one. Front kick from Cerrone. Another leg kick from “Cowboy”. Cote flurries in but eats a counter. Uppercut from Cote. Another leg kick from Cerrone. Cote can’t take too many more of those. Cerrone clinches up briefly. Wow. Cerrone cracks Cote with a left. Another left from Cerrone sends Cote to the deck. Wow. Cerrone lets him up. Cote charges in. Latter’s nose is bleeding. Cote shoots from way out and misses. Cerrone flurries in again. Cote with some taunts. Round ends.

Round 3: Another hard leg kick from Cerrone. Cote charges in and he’s sent to the deck again by a left hand. Wow. What a performance for “Cowboy”. Cote goes to the body with a punch. Cerrone fires a head kick that’s blocked. Cote keeps coming but isn’t landing much. Another left from Cerrone rocks Cote. Latter hits the deck and that’s it. What an unbelievable win for Cerrone.

Donald Cerrone def.  Patrick Cote TKO (punches) R3, 2:35

Rory MacDonald vs Stephen Thompson

Round 1: Thompson with a sidekick to the body. Wow. MacDonald rolls for a heel hook. Crazy. Thompson steps out. MacDonald fires a headkick that’s blocked. Thompson lands a left. Another roll from MacDonald but Thompson isn’t having it.  Thompson flurries but nothing lands. Thompson fires in a front kick. Thompson spins with a kick but misses. MacDonald lands a right and clinches up. Thompson reverses and has MacDonald against the cage. They break. MacDonald goes high with a kick. Round ends.

Round 2: MacDonald throws a sidekick. Thompson with a jumping kick to the body. MacDonald charges in but doesn’t land. Thompson comes in but misses with a left. MacDonald is coming forward more. MacDonald rolls again but can’t catch Thompson’s leg. MacDonald blasts in on a single leg but can;t get it. MacDonald lands an elbow on the break. Thompson just misses with a right. Latter with a nice side kick to the body. More kick attempts from Thompson. Round ends.

Round 3: Thompson attempts a kick but eats a right. Thompson lands a right of his own. Left hook from MacDonald just misses. MacDonald clinches up but winds up on the bottom. Now MacDonald is looking for a heel hook but Thompson gets up and out. Thompson plants a right. MacDonald moves forward but takes a counter. Both guys chuck big punches. Body kick from MacDonald. Some boos start to ring out. Thompson with a well timed counter. Round ends.

Round 4: Thompson with a kick to the calf. MacDonald charges in and throw a big right. MacDonald tries clinching up but Thompson breaks free. MacDonald needs to press the action, go for broke. Big right from MacDonald. Thompson counters well. Side kick to the body from Thompson. More boos. Another side kick from Thompson. MacDonald sticks the jab. Thompson with a nicely timed left counter. MacDonald comes in but Thompson flurries back. Round ends.

Round 5: MacDonald comes with a big right that misses. Thompson lands a nice uppercut. Wow. MacDonald fires in a big left hook but eats a counter. MacDonald tags Thompson with a right hand. Now MacDonald is started to bring it. Thompson grazesMacDonald with a spinning kick. MacDonald is bleeding from the nose. Latter shoots in but winds up on the bottom. Thompson gets to his feet. MacDonald lands a right but takes a kick in return that stuns him. Body kick from Thompson. Both wing big punches. MacDonald calls him on. Thompson misses with a kick. Final horn goes. Bout is likely Thompson’s.

Stephen Thompson def. Rory MacDonald via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 48-47)