Winner of eight in a row, Max Holloway will take on Ricardo Lamas this Saturday night at UFC 199.

Holloway, who’s last loss came to current UFC champion Conor McGregor, appeared on a recent edition of “Submission Radio” to discuss his fight with Lamas and more.

Check out the transcription below for the complete interview:

Who Max would like to fight for the belt out of Edgar, Aldo and McGregor

“We’ll see what happens, and first things first, is Ricardo Lamas. And all three of those fights get me excited. Anyone of them. They’re all great. The three of them are great guys, they’re all [at the] top of their division for a reason and that’s why I want to prove myself against them. We can go do that rematch with Conor. You know, I thought I was gonna get Aldo, cause a lot of people wanted to see that happen. And then there’s something there with Hawaiians and Frankie. So all three of the match-ups are interesting and my head is focused on Ricardo right now. I gotta get the job done June 4th and then we start thinking ahead.”

On Lamas believing his superior wrestling is the key to beating Holloway much like Bermudez’s win over him

“If this guy is coming into the fight thinking he’s going to out wrestle me, you better go think again. We’ve got some surprises for Ricardo. I can’t wait. I’m already in his mind, you know, he can talk about it. His last couple of fights, he’s been trying to strike with everyone and now he’s trying to go back to his wrestling base. So we’ll see what happens. I’m out here, I’m gonna do what Max Holloway does best.”

Why Max believes he us in Lamas’ head

“His last couple of fights, if you watch all his fights, he don’t wrestle nobody. He thinks he’s a striker guy. You know, you got Aldo – he struck with Aldo almost the whole time in that fight. So for him to start thinking about focusing on his wrestling for me, it’s kind of [like he’s] doubting himself already. So that’s opening the door for more doubt and more doubt. So I’m looking even more forward to June 4th now [after] hearing this stuff. I just can’t wait, you know. We’ll see what it is. Max Holloway, I get ready for fights. You know, I get ready for everything – wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, striking. Whatever it is, we get ready and that’s what happened.”

On Ricardo saying that he can stand and trade with Max on the feet

“Hey, great for him. I’m a big guy – and that’s what I said, the question before this – I’m a big guy in self-belief. If you don’t have self-belief in this game and you don’t believe in your skillset, then you’ll never go very far. So, you know, great for him, and we’ll see when it comes to June 4th. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to go out there and just show my aspects of my game as a mixed martial artist.”


“Max Holloway going out there, doing his thing, doing some cool shit and getting my hand raised after whatever rounds it is, I don’t care. I’m going out there – let him choose when he wants out. And when it’s all said and done, [I’m] getting my hand raised, raising that Hawaiian flag and going on from there.”