Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw spent several years working alongside and with Urijah Faber.

After Dillashaw decided to leave Team Alpha Male, the two sides have hardly seen eye-to-eye.

As Dillashaw prepares for Raphael Assuncao at UFC 200, and Faber meets Dominick Cruz for the UFC title at UFC 199, the ex-titleholder has been thrown under the bus by “The California Kid.”

Faber made comments about illegal drug use by both Dillashaw and Cruz during several interviews, and Dillashaw responded during a stop by Submission Radio recently.

“Urijah’s actually handled this whole entire thing so childishly. It’s crazy how much I have to talk about the guy and how much he thinks he needs to talk about me,” he said. “It’s been kind of mind blowing actually, because I would have never ever seen this side of Urijah since the time I’ve known him. It’s very childish. You know, at first with him talking all this crap, it’s like alright – so I see he doesn’t want to be my friend anymore.

“Whatever. I don’t need to be friends with Urijah. He’s always been for himself anyways. So now he wants to create an enemy. You know, for him to say things like that about me and Cruz that aren’t true whatsoever and to bash our names is pretty ridiculous. And I feel like Cruz made him look like a fool because of it. And I mean, he’s just …for the last couple of years, he hasn’t been able to make himself relevant with his fights.

“The only way he’s able to do it is by talking crap about me. And so I think that’s just what he’s doing, is trying to talk crap about me and Cruz because we’re obviously better than he is and we have what he’ll never have.”

Along with working out in Colorado, Dillashaw decided to take a tour of Tristar in Canada, seeing former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre first hand.

“He looks the same,” Dillashaw said. “He looks like he’s in really good shape – as always. He looks on top of his game still.”