UFC 198 will feature Stipe Miocic challenging Fabricio Werdum for the heavyweight title from Brazil Saturday night.

During the recent edition of “UFC Tonight,” co-hosts Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier offered up their thoughts on the contest.

Cormier on Stipe Miocic’s skills:

“Stipe has got all the skills. He’s got great wrestling, boxing, cardio, and he’s a big guy who’s wanted this fight. But that pressure he applies can leave him in the Fabricio Werdum wheelhouse. The champion can do it all. He’s so long, he can reach and lock in a clinch behind the head, knee to the body or knee to the face, or take you down. He’s submitted some of the greatest heavyweights ever. This is Werdum’s jiu-jitsu vs. Stipe’s speed. Werdum will be a step behind, but that won’t be the determining factor in this fight.”

Florian on how Werdum should fight Miocic:

“He needs to control the distance. He needs to be all the way in or all the way out. He can’t be in that middle range, the boxing range where Stipe is so good. He can use his Muay Thai clinch close in or surprise him with a takedown. If he can get on top of Stipe, he could submit him.”

Florian on Werdum’s keys to victory:

“He’s become a great striker. He’s very agile and fast. He needs to control the distance and vary his attack, going high and low. And he needs to use that Thai clinch.”

Cormier on Miocic’s keys to victory:

“We know the wrestling got him here, but his striking is what brought him to the top of the division. He needs to stick and move. He needs to use his boxing. He’s a very good boxer. He has fast, quick punches and combinations. But most important, his takedowns need to be smart. If he misses it, Werdum can pounce on him. He needs to take smart takedowns.”