Bellator 153 is underway in Uncasville, Connecticut, so let’s move to the main card action.

In the headliner, former UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson will take on welterweight champ, Andrey Koreshkov.

Michael Page vs. Jeremie Holloway

Round 1: Wow. Holloway runs out and gets drilled with a right hand. He’s back up and appears to be okay. Crazy. Holloway just misses with a big right. MVP cracks him with another shot. Holloway clinches up and pushes Page to the cage. Action is momentarily halted after Page takes  a knee low.

Page blasts Holloway again with a right. Holloyway drops back looking for a leglock in the ensuing scramble, and Page gets the tap with what looked like a toe hold. Unbelievable. Holloway appeared to be in a ton of pain. Another highlight reel win for MVP.

Michael Page def. Jeremie Holloway via submission (toe hold) R1, 2:15

Brent Primus vs. Gleristone Santos

Round 1: Santos momentarily drops Primus with a right hand moments in. Primus gets up but the action spills back to the floor. They’re up. Now back down again. Primus busts out the rubber guard. Santos is up and out. Primus charges in but eats a big left. Santos with a nice whizzer. Hard leg kick from Santos. Another leg kick from Santos. They clinch up briefly. Both men wing big punches. Nice jab from Primus. Round ends.

Round 2: Santos with a nice 1-2. Primus with a spinning kick that’s blocked. Santos fires in a hard 1-2, and then a head kick that’s blocked. Santos fires in a left hand. Primus responds with a leg kick. Santos flies in with a knee that misses the mark. Primus doesn’t appear to be getting hurt by Santos but is getting outscored. Primus takes a kick low. Action resumes. Primus spins with a kick to the body but misses. Primus tags Santos with a hard right. Likely his best shot of the bout. Santos with a nice combo. Round ends.

Round 3: Fight hits the floor moments in. Santos is on top. Primus is looking for a sub but Santos is up and out. Santos plants a hard right hand. Primus dives on a leg but Santos steps out. Primus spins again with a kick but nothing’s there. Santos cracks Primus with a right hand that wobbles him. Primus shoots in from way out. Santos defends at first but winds up on the bottom after they scramble. Santos rolls back looking for a heel hook but Primus defends. Latter is still on top. Round ends. Too little too late by Primus. Well, maybe not…

Brent Primus def. Gleristone Santos via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Brennan Ward vs. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos 

Round 1: “Cyborg” throws a body kick that Ward catches. Latter counters with a right and fights spills to the floor. Wow. Santos rolls into a kneebar and Ward taps. Fantastic win for the veteran “Cyborg”. Crazy. Replay shows Santos was cranking the heel hook.

Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos def. Brennan Ward via submission (heel hook) R1. 0:30

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire vs. Henry Corrales 

Round 1: Freire with a body kick. Corrales fires a check hook. Latter fires in some hard punches. “Pitbull” charges in but is countered. Freire eats another counter right. Freire lands a hook. Pitbull changes levels but can’t get the TD. Freire sweeps Corrales to the floor. Pitbull threatens with an arm-triangle-choke. Great transitions from Freire. Corrales gets to his feet. Not much happening and some boos ring out. They trade some punches and round ends.

Round 2: Broadcast’s reporting Freire was sayin something’s wrong with his ribs in between rounds. Freire with a leg kick. Nice jab from Pitbull. More boos. Corrales eats a jab but counters with a right. Freire charges in but Corrales fires back. Pitbull flies in with a knee but it misses. Wow. Freire just missed with a big hook. Pitbull scores a nicely timed single leg TD. Corrales scrambles to his feet but Pitbull slaps on a guillotine. Wow. That’s it. Important win for the former featherweight champ.

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire def. Henry Corrales via submission (guillotine choke) R2, 4:09

Andrey Koreshkov vs. Benson Henderson

Round 1: Koreshkov looks to be significantly bigger than Henderson. Koreshkov fires a leg kick. Henderson blocks a big head kick from Koreshkov. Henderson kicks Koreshkov to the calf. Welterweight champ continues to move forward. Henderson fires a kick but eats a counter right. Hard body kick by Koreshkov. Henderson fires in a right hook. Champ goes to the body with a right straight. Henderson takes another right and then a knee. Henderson is taking some big shots. Latter changes levels but Koreshkov shrugs it off. Another hard body kick from Koreshkov. The champ tags Henderson with a flying knee. Wow. Henderson seems to be okay and is scrambling for a TD. Round ends.

Round 2: Henderson dives for a leg but can’t get the TD. Koreshkov chucks a spinning kick that nearly lands. Koreshkov with another flying knee attempt. Henderson needs to get this fight down fast. TD attempt from “Smooth” is squashed. Koreshkov misses with a front kick. Henderson fires in a thumping leg kick. Koreshkov digs with a big right and Henderson shoots in. Koreshkov steps up and out. Nice left hand from Henderson. Latter plants a hard right to the body. Another leg kick from Henderson. “Smooth” misses with a spinning kick. Koreshkov blasts Henderson to the body with a kick. Another flying knee attempt from the champ. Round ends.

Round 3: Henderson fires in a left, looks to clinch, but Koreshkov pushes him away. Koreshkov blasts Henderson with a hard hook. “Smooth” counters with a TD attempt. Koreshkov is sprawling out and is punching Henderson from above. Henderson starts kneeing Koreshkov to the leg as they work against the cage. Koreshkov bombs in a knee to the body of Henderson. Big right from Koreshkov. Henderson is back to his feet. Koreshkov fires in another leg kick. And another. Koreshkov spins with a kick to the head, but it doesn’t land flush. Round ends. Henderson is having a rough night.

Round 4: They trade leg kicks. Koreshkov cracks Henderson to the body with a knee. Henderson shoots in but Koreshkov sprawls again. Wow. Henderson tries kicking Koreshkov to the head from his back. Henderson wings a big left and is looking for a TD. Henderson starts kicking Koreshkov to the calf. They move off the cage. Koreshkov blasts Henderson with a right uppercut and the latter hits the deck. Wow. Henderson is trying to get back to his feet. Koreshkov is looking for a choke but gives it up. Henderson is back up. The chin he has showed in this fight is ridiculous.

Round 5: Henderson comes out firing some kicks. Former UFC champ needs a stoppage. Henderson chucks some big hooks. Hard leg kick from Henderson. Koreshkov fires another spinning kick that just misses. Henderson shoots in again but Koreshkov defends. Henderson changes levels but eats a knee. Koreshkov is pitching a shutout so far. Henderson charges in with a telegraphed TD. Latter misses with a big hook but gets tagged with a counter. Spinning backfist from Koreshkov. Another punishing right from Koreshkov. Henderson fires up a kick from below but it misses. Koreshkov fires in a hard knee to the body. Now he’s cranking on a choke. Final bell goes.

Andrey Koreshkov def. Benson Henderson via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)