The preliminary card for UFC FN 85 is in the books, so it’s time to move to the main card and the headliner, Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir.

Seo Hee Ham vs. Bec Rawlings 

Round 1: Rawling comes out orthodox. Hee Ham is in southpaw stance. Rawlings plants a right, Hee Ham counters with a left. Rawlings lands a hard left. Latter with a nice combo. Now Hee Ham is throwing some leg kicks. Hee Ham with a nice right and then a left that pushes Rawlings back a step. Another left from Hee Ham. Latter comes with a front kick but takes a right. Wow. Both women are chucking shots and taking some. Hee Ham comes in with a nice combo. Big left hook from Rawlings. Round ends.

Round 2: Rawlings with some nice head movement and a big left hand lands. Hee Ham with a push kick. Rawlings comes forward with some heavy shots but takes some counters. Rawlings plants a right. Hee Ham sticks a jab. Body kick from latter. Rawlings catches a kick and lands a shot. Hee Ham is on the floor with Rawlings on top. Hee Ham tries to work her way but gives up her back. Rawlings is looking for a rear-naked-choke. Wow. Nice scramble from both and fight’s back up. Rawlings misses with a spinning back fist and gets pushed to the cage. Hee Ham lands a left. Round ends.

Round 3: Still plenty of volume from both women. Hee Ham lands a nice left and Rawlings shoots in. Now Hee Ham is looking for a triangle-choke. Rawlings slips out and plants a big right from above. Fight’s back up. Rawlings looks exhausted. Now Rawlings has Hee Ham up against the cage and is landing some knees to the body. More clinch work along the cage. They exchange punches and final horn goes.

Bec Rawlings def. Seo Hee Ham via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Steve Bosse vs. James Te Huna

Round 1: Bosse fires a right. Latter charges in but takes a leg kick. Te Huna just misses with a huge right. Wow. Bosse cracks Te Huna with a massive right and it’s nighty night. Huge win for Bosse.

Steve Bosse def. James Te Huna via KO (punch) R1, 0:52

Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Daniel Kelly

Round 1: Junior fires a couple of kicks. Junior charges in, takes Kelly down, and has the latter’s back. Kelly eats a couple of punches from behind. Kelly can’t work his way out but is defending choke attempts well. Not a ton of action but Junior is keeping the position. Now Junior goes for an armbar but Kelly is defending. Horn goes.

Round 2: Junior fires a head kick that’s blocked. Latter shoots in but Kelly defends. Junior throws a flying knee that lands more to the body. Couple of nice lefts from Kelly. Junior shoots in again but Kelly defends. Big right hand from Junior. They exchange punches. Junior’s TD is easily defended by Kelly who is working from the side. Right hands from Kelly. Front kicks from Junior and he follows up with a TD. Kelly gets back to his feet. Weird. Junior may have slipped but he goes to the deck. Kelly calls for him to back up. Junior’s high kick is blocked. Horn goes.

Round 3: Kelly sticks a nice jab. Junior changes levels again but Kelly defends. Latter takes  a knee low and the action’s temporarily halted. Elbow from Junior. Kelly nearly scores a TD and then fires a knee into Junior. Wow. Junior falls to the floor and Kelly is pouring on punches from above. Crazy. Kelly continues to fire in punches and the fight’s stopped! What a comeback.

Daniel Kelly def. Antonio Carlos Junior via TKO (punches) R3, 1:36

Johnny Case vs. Jake Matthews

Round 1: Matthews plants a left to begin. And another one. Case throws a leg kick but takes a right hand. Case chucks a big right that misses. Latter almost gets taken down after having a kick caught. Wow. Both guys wing big shots. Matthews digs a left to the body. Matthews tries shooting in but Case sprawls and has top position. Matthews gets back up. Latter plants a right. Huge left from Matthews lands but Case shrugs it off. Now Case shoots in but Matthews sprawls. Case cracks Matthews with a left. Round ends.

Round 2: Matthews throws a high kick that’s blocked. Case nearly catches Matthews with a jumping knee. Case fires in a right. Matthews with a high kick that misses. Wow. Matthews blasts Case to the body with a kick and the latter is hurt. Case changes levels and now Matthews is looking for a triangle-choke. Case is almost out and now he is. Case fires down punches from up top. Case is cut by his left eye. Latter is still on top. Matthews is back up. Wow. Case takes another kick to the body and he’s hurting from it as well. Case takes Matthews down. Round ends.

Round 3: Both guys are keeping busy with strikes. Matthews pushes Case to the cage but he works his way out. Matthews fires in another body kick but Case blocks it. Matthews fires in a punch to the body. Case has definitely slowed down from the body shots. Case with a telegraphed shot. Matthews lands a right as Case gets to his feet. Latter shoots in again but it’s squashed. Matthews has back of Case and they spill to the ground. Matthews fires in punches and then slaps on a rear-naked-choke. Wow. Case works his way out. Unbelievable. Matthews locks in another RNC and Case taps. What a performance for the 21 year-old.

Jake Matthews def. Johnny Case via submission (rear-naked-choke) R3, 4:45

Hector Lombard vs. Neil Magny

Round 1: Lombard comes out aggressively as per usual. Lombard fires a leg kick. Wow. Lombard charges in and floor Magny with an uppercut. Magny is trying to recover but is getting swarmed. Wow. Big lefts from Lombard but Magny is hanging in there. Latter almost got to his feet but is chucked back down. Magny tries for an armbar but Lombard powers out. Lombard is slowing down. Elbow from the latter. And another one. A few more lefts from Lombard. Magny is working his way back up and gets to his feet. Wow. Now Magny fires in a knee. Lombard looks tired. Magny shoots in but Lombard easily defends. Fights back up. Lombard is taking some heavy breaths. Magny with a nice 1 – 2. Round ends.

Round 2: Magny is keeping very busy with strikes. Lombard still looks tired. Leg kick from latter. Magny lands a knee to the body. Latter cracks Lombard with a right. Magny peppers in a couple of jabs. Lombard clinches up and is trying to take Magny down. Wow. Lombard floors Magny with a huge left. Magny appears to be okay, is working from guard. Now Lombard looks for a leg lock and gives up the position. Magny’s on top and rolls into a triangle-choke. Lombard’s in trouble. Wow. Lombard gets out but Magny is in mount and is hammering him with shots. Lombard gives up his back and is taking punch after punch. This is nuts. Lombard is doing nothing but the ref isn’t stopping it. This is going to be over. Now elbows from Magny. Unbelievable. The round ends. Lombard made it through due to the ref…

Round 3: Magny comes out and is rocking Lombard with shots. Lombard is flat footed and easily gets taken down. Magny is in mount once again, and this time, the ref stops the fight. What a comeback by Magny. Unbelievable.

Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir

Round 1: Hunt fires an inside leg kick. Hunt wings in a left as Mir attempts a TD. Mir lands a jab. Hight kick from Mir is blocked. Hunt fires in a big right. Another right from Hunt grazes Mir’s head. Mir changes levels but Hunt shrugs him off. Wow. Hunt blasts Mir with a straight right and walks off as the ref calls the fight. Unbelievable.

Mir wasn’t out, but replay appears to show that he was stunned badly.

Mark Hunt def. Frank Mir via KO (punch) R1: 3:01