Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier offered up their insight into tonight’s UFC Fight Night 83 main event during a recent episode of “UFC Tonight.”

Here are what the two believe are the keys to victory for each man:

Florian on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone vs. Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira: “This is Oliveira’s sixth fight in 12 months. He has a great right hand. He’s tall and lanky. He’s doing best when he’s moving forward. He has to be aggressive and pressure Donald. Donald does very well fighting from the outside, so Alex has to make it a brawl. But Cerrone is best when he’s moving forward. He’s an offensive fighter. He has to be leading the dance. He has to pursue the finish like he always does.”

Cormier on what Oliveira needs to do against Cerrone: “Alex is a guy who loves to fight. He’s a very good fighter. He doesn’t have the wrestling background, but he’s very powerful and is going to try to get in your face and land combinations. He has a chance to make a statement with this fight. Donald has to start a little faster and can’t let Oliveira set the pace. He has to impose his will on Oliveira. He gets in trouble when he’s being pursued.”

Florian on Cerrone’s keys to victory: “What he’s known for are his dangerous kicks. His first key is when he’s applying constant pressure is when he’s at the best. Key number two is to avoid the clinch. Key three is to throw the kicks. He needs to keep Alex on the outside and then go upstairs with the kicks.”

Cormier on Oliveira keys to victory: “This is a big step up for him. Key number one is he has to use range. He’s a big guy and he has to keep Cerrone on the outside. Key two is to use footwork. He can’t be where Cerrone thinks he is and needs to use good head movement to get in and out of the way. Lastly, he’s got to land the takedowns. He doesn’t have the background of the wrestler, but he should get it to the ground where he has the best opportunity to get the job done.”