If you’re a big time Jose Aldo fan and have been holding out hope that the UFC will decide to grant him an immediate rematch with Conor McGregor, well, things aren’t looking good.

Following Aldo’s stunning KO loss to McGregor at UFC 194, the former featherweight champ has called for another crack at his rival. He and his manager have also relayed that they’re willing to wait on the sidelines, until a title fight or a rematch with McGregor is offered.

Well, it sounds like unfortunately the Brazilian star could be sitting out for a while then. Dana White recently appeared on the Opie & Jim Norton show, and he was asked about the likelihood of McGregor – Aldo II (quote via MMA Junkie.com):

“It’s one of those things; we made the fight the first time and he got hurt and had to pull out,” White said. “Then we made it again, and it ended in 13 seconds. It’s tough to make that fight again right away. Plus, Conor wants to be a two-belt champion, so he wants to fight dos Anjos.”

So, one would think this means Frankie Edgar’s up next for the 145 belt, after McGregor takes on RDA, March 5th.