Following UFC 194, more than a few folks criticized Herb Dean for letting Chris Weidman make it out of round three, but the former champ is defending the renowned ref.

Weidman was taken to the mat by Luke Rockhold in the third round of their scrap last month, and the latter battered and bloodied the wrestler with strikes from above. Despite the beating, Dean let the action continue until the round came to an end. Weidman was then taken down again in round four, and this time, Dean put an end to the fight.

Recently the middleweight appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and Weidman had this to say about Dean’s decision (quote via MMA

“I mean, I never went out. I was still fighting back, so I don’t think they should’ve stopped it. I think Herb Dean did a good job. I understand where people are coming from, I wouldn’t have been upset if they did stop it earlier. I wouldn’t have been complaining. But I’m also not complaining that they kept it going.”

Weidman has been campaigning for an immediate rematch with Rockhold, but it remains to be seen if that will happen.