Since Carlos Condit went to war with Robbie Lawler at UFC 195, he hasn’t said whether he’ll fight again. But, by the sounds of it, an immediate rematch with the champ is the only way it will happen.

After Condit dropped a very competitive, split decision loss to Lawler on January 2nd, he said retirement could be next. The veteran fighter also admitted that another fight with Lawler interested him, but he stopped short of saying it would bring him back.

Well, in the latest “MMA Hour”, Condit had this to say about his future (quote via Bloody

“An immediate rematch with Lawler is about the only fight that raises my pulse,” Condit said. “That I can get interested in. Those other fights are a little bit more, the rematch with Robbie would be, boom, we’d have a bout agreement in the box real quick and we could get that done.”

Here’s hoping Lawler – Condit II gets tabled.