TJ Dillashaw may not be the bantamweight champ any more, but if you thought this would push all the drama involving him, Duane Ludwig and Urijah Faber to the sidelines, think again.

For months now, Ludwig and Faber have traded verbal shots through the media, and of course that continued, after Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male. As a result of said departure, things have also got heated between Faber and Dillashaw. So much so, leading up to Dillashaw’s bout with Dominick Cruz on Sunday, he continued to field questions about his former teammate and buddy.

Well, Ludwig recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and of course, he was asked about “The California Kid” and Faber’s issues with Dillashaw. Here is some of what Ludwig had to say (quote via MMA

“As far as loyalty, what’s loyalty?” Ludwig said.  “It’s making sure he’s always improving and doing what’s important for him. Not making sure he’s doing what’s important to other people. In this sport, you’ve gotta do what’s best for you…”

“In my eyes, I don’t think Faber ever did much for T.J.,” Ludwig said. “If you want to put on a loyalty stamp, I felt like I’ve done a lot more than Faber has. That’s for sure.”

Yup. No one should be too shocked after reading that. Clearly Ludwig and Faber aren’t going to bury the hatchet any time soon. Faber didn’t do much for Dillashaw? It would be interesting to hear if the latter agrees with that.

Due to Dillashaw’s loss to Cruz, however, a fight with Faber is likely on the back burner. Unless Cruz is injured and needs some time off. Faber has already said he wants another shot at Cruz, and since Dillashaw isn’t holding the belt any longer, it’s understandable that he’s looking at the champ and his longtime rival.