TJ Dillashaw has a massive fight with Dominick Cruz scheduled for Sunday, but the bantamweight champ continues to field questions about his old pal, Urijah Faber.

Since people love drama and beefs, there’s been no shortage of discussion (and coverage) regarding Dillashaw’s split from Team Alpha Male. When Dillashaw announced he was heading to the Elevation Fight Team in Colorado, it didn’t sit well with Faber. The TAM leader also made it clear Dillashaw wouldn’t be allowed to train with the moving forward.

Well, recently the UFC held a media call to promote Sunday’s Dillshaw – Cruz fight, but not surprisingly, the champ was asked about Faber. While discussing the split from TAM, here is some of what Dillashaw had to say (quote via MMA

“It’s just a little ridiculous that I’m getting crap for changing camps when it happens all the time,” Dillashaw said. “When guys are trying to better themselves or their career, they go to a new team or a new coach. It happens every day in this sport. What’s the big deal? It’s a little ridiculous and you just have to laugh it off, you know?”

“It just kind of tells the truth of what’s really going on,” Dillashaw said. “Just how shallow Urijah is acting with what’s going on.”

Dillashaw also argued that Faber’s comments in recent months have been more about trying to secure a title fight. So, clearly time isn’t healing this wound.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how Dillshaw does at UFC Fight Night 81, and whether he emerges with the belt. One would think thatĀ unless something controversial goes down, and a rematch is in order, Dillashaw could fight Faber next, win or lose. Dillashaw – Faber has the potential to make some serious cash for both men and the UFC.