Chris Weidman may have been battered and bloodied at UFC 194, and lost the middleweight title to Luke Rockhold, but clearly the former champ has found some positives to drawn on from the defeat.

If you followed the lead-up to their December 12th scrap, then you know many fans and pundits believed Rockhold would be Weidman’s biggest test yet. Some were predicting that Rockhold would be the first man to defeat the “All American”.

Those people proved to be correct, as Rockhold viciously pounded Weidman with ground-and-pound strikes in round three, he secured the belt in round four. It was a stunning defeat when you consider how well rounded and dangerous Weidman is.

Well, since the loss, Weidman hasn’t said too much publicly, but recently he appeared on “The MMA Hour”. While doing so, he raised eyebrows throughout the MMA world by saying this (quote via MMA

“It was just a great experience for me. I could play back a million things in that fight I could’ve done differently, but I’m really happy I lost. I feel like if I would’ve won that fight, if I would’ve somehow figured a way to beat him up, I wouldn’t have the opportunity that I have now to grow as a fighter and truly reach my potential. Now I feel like I have the freedom to change things that I’ve wanted to change for years. You don’t want to fix things that aren’t broken, so that kind of stops you from make changes. But now I feel more free than I’ve ever felt to change the things and do things that I wanted to do without feeling like I’m cursing myself, so I feel great. I’m real excited about the future. I feel like it’s just going to create a whole different monster inside of me, and I’m excited to go out there and fight again.”

Weidman apparently didn’t go into specifics, in terms of why he felt restricted etc, but he did admit that he didn’t really feel that excited leading up to UFC 194. That, of course, is pretty surprising, considering how much buzz was tied to the fight (although, the fight was certainyl over shadowed by Jose Aldo – Conor McGregor).

Now it will be fascinating to see how Weidman performs in his next outing, and what fight the UFC books for him. It’s been reported he wants a rematch with Rockhold, but one would think the promotion isn’t going to go in that direction just yet.