If you’ve been following the lead-up to UFC Fight Night 81, you know that Dominick Cruz has been chucking plenty of verbal shots TJ Dillashaw’s way. You also know that the bantamweight champ hasn’t been saying that much in return, but instead, has dismissed Cruz’s antics.

Well, it’s certainly made for an interesting backstory, and while appearing on the latest “UFC Tonight”, Cruz was asked for his take on Dillashaw’s response, or lack thereof. What did the former bantamweight champ have to say? Check it out (quote via Bloody Elbow.com):

“Talking is just talking,” Cruz said.  “The fight is what really matters, but I’m just having fun keeping it real. I wasn’t talking trash. I was talking the truth. People are saying I’m talking trash. I wasn’t making anything up. I wasn’t saying anything foul to the guy. I was just telling him the way it is.

“I just know he’s not that bright,” Cruz added, while referring to his interaction with Dillashaw on “Counterpunch”. “He’s just not the smartest. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s kind of a meathead jock is what I learned from that exchange. He just wanted nothing to do with talking. Man, I don’t necessarily want to be here talking to your ugly face either, but I’m here so you might as well talk to me.”

Now, if you weren’t already excited to see this fight, for some bizarre reason, here’s hoping you are now. It will be fascinating to see how Cruz looks after spending another plus year on the sidelines. Can Dillashaw become the first man to defeat Cruz since Urijah Faber in 2007? Will the latter face the winner? Could be,

UFC FN 81 will go down on January 17th at Boston’s TD Garden. In the co-headliner, Anthony Pettis will battle fellow lightweight contender Eddie Alvarez.