If you believe Conor McGregor hasn’t been completely vetted yet by UFC competition, and just aren’t certain he’s as good as others believe, well, it looks like Mr. Ken Shamrock really disagrees with you.

Recenty Fight Hub sat down with Shamrock, who is scheduled to fight fellow legend Royce Gracie on February 19th at Bellator 149. Shamrock was asked for his thoughts on who the sport’s best pound-for-pound fighter currently, and “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” said this (quote via Bloody Elbow.com):

“Without a doubt, Conor McGregor (is number 1 pound-for-pound),” Shamrock said. “His knockout over Aldo, for me clinched it. It’s just crazy. I mean Aldo, that guy is just great, and see what he did there.”

How about that? Now sure, considering McGregor is currently listed #3 in the UFC’s P4P rankings, there are certainly others who agree with Shamrock here. But, you don’t hear McGregor’s name being mentioned nearly as much as Demetrious Johnson or Jon Jones, who have ruled their divisions for quite some time (yes, yes, even though Jones isn’t the 205 champ he never was actually defeated to lose the belt).

Further, both Johnson and Jones have a wrestling component to their game that McGregor hasn’t showcased. If McGregor goes out and shuts down the takedowns of Frankie Edgar, however, (if they indeed fight next), then the featherweight champ will no doubt silence more of his remaining doubters.

Shamrock-Gracie will headline Bellator 149, which will be hosted by Houston’s Toyota Center.