Although Fabricio Werdum signed on the dotted line to give Cain Velasquez an immediate rematch, the new UFC heavyweight champ evidently doesn’t think the bout should be happening.

Werdum and Velasquez will meet again on February 6th at UFC 196 in Las Vegas, after the latter was submitted by the “Vai Cavalo” in June. Immediately after the bout, it didn’t seem like the UFC and boss man Dana White were going to give Velasquez a rematch. But, the promotion reversed course and proceed to book the fight.

While Werdum – Velasquez is happening, it doesn’t look like Jose Aldo will be granted an immediate rematch with Conor McGregor. Werdum recently spoke to, and while discussing the UFC’s decision to grant Velasquez a rematch, but not Aldo, he stated:

“I respect Velasquez a lot, but the way that fight went, he shouldn’t have an immediate rematch,” Werdum said. “For example, if it’s a split decision or a fast fight — in the case of a 10-year, dominant champion like Aldo — the immediate rematch makes sense. But, the way I dominated [Velasquez] in the standup and then submitted him, I don’t think an immediate rematch is fair.”

It’s an interesting opinion, and there are certainly a lot of people who believe Aldo should be given a title shot, even though he was taken out in just 13 seconds. Velasquez defended the heavyweight title two times before facing Werdum. Aldo, meanwhile, defended in nine times after winning the belt in the WEC and moving to the UFC.

All this aside, it doesn’t change the fact that Werdum – Velasquez II is going to be fascinating. If Werdum wins the bout handily, there will be far, far less people questioning whether he’s in fact a better fighter than Velasquez.