Ronda Rousey has said she’ll continue to train with Edmond Tarverdyan, but Joe Rogan believes the former champ needs to branch out and seek the knowledge of other coaches.

Since Rousey was bombed out by Holly Holm at UFC 193, there’s been widespread calls for the Judoka to change her training up. Rousey has already relayed that she doesn’t plan to leave Tarverdyan, who helped build her into a world class mixed-martial-artist.

Recently Rogan spoke in length with Bloody Elbow, and while discussing Rousey, the UFC commentator said this:

Another question for Ronda, is what changes does she make, because she’s gotta make changes. She’s gotta make changes in her technical training, as far as expanding her repertoire, expanding her weapons, and her ability to deal with kicks. One of the things we saw in that fight was the oblique kick that Holly was landing. That’s a Winkeljohn staple. Wink is a bad motherfucker. I love that guy and I’m so impressed with his coaching. He’s such an in-the-shadows, humble guy that’s not trying to get attention.

Ronda’s got to go to a camp that has the full arsenal. She’s got to go to a Firas Zahabi or a Matt Hume, or someone like that, in my opinion. If I was talking to her, that’s what I would tell her. I’d say, ‘You can’t just train with a judo coach and Edmond holds the pads for you.’ Edmond has definitely done some great things for her boxing technique, that can’t be denied. Her combinations when she hits the pads are very impressive, but there are other elements that come with striking. It’s not just about throwing your hands and having the technique look good.

Of course there are those who believe Rousey already has the tools to reclaim the 135 title and take out Holm in their rematch. But Rogan certainly makes some compelling points, and the entire interview is worth a read.

Rousey could elect to stay with Tarverdyan and continue to work on her boxing with him. But enlisting the help of others and incorporating some new striking techniques should only help right? Adding some kicks into the mix?

The UFC has yet to confirm when Holm – Rousey II will happen, but the promotion is hoping to hold the fight at UFC 200 in July.