If Holly Holm has her way, the UFC female bantamweight champion will be back inside the Octagon in early 2016.

But that might not happen.

UFC officials have hinted that Holm vs. Ronda Rousey 2 will be signed for later in the coming year, and while Holm isn’t happy about it, she understands.

“I like to fight sooner than later. But I don’t pick the fight or the when or where,” she said, during a recent episode of UFC Tonight. “That’s not my style. The whole reason I’m standing here is because I take advantage of the opportunities set forth. People thought Ronda was too soon, but I made the best of it. Either way, I’ll make the best of what comes.

“We’ve talked with the UFC about options. Maybe that’s what they’re leaning toward. We’ll see how it works out.”

Holm earned a stunning knockout victory last month in Australia, ending the reign of Rousey. Since, she has been touring across the U.S. appearing on several television shows to promote herself, her fight and MMA.

“Seeing other champions and seeing their victory tours, I knew it would be busy, but I had no idea it’d be this busy or people would embrace me this much,” she said. “It’s been awesome. I’ve been meeting so many people.”

And while many believe it was a flawless performance for the former boxing world champion, Holm has watched the replay and sees mistakes that can be corrected.

“I’ve watched it several times. Who doesn’t want to watch a knockout?,” she said. “But I’ve watched it and I see the mistakes I made, too.”