Conor McGregor raised thousands of eyebrows with some of the training he was doing leading up to UFC 194, and while Donald Cerrone might not get it, he’s not questioning the new champ’s methods.

During the “Embedded” series for UFC 194, cameras captured McGregor doing some pretty interesting / bizarre drills with a movement coach he hired. Not everyone was sold on whether the training would pan out, but since McGregor flattened Jose Aldo in just  13 seconds, it’s kind of hard to question his preparation.

Well, recently Cerrone appeared on “Submission Radio“, and “Cowboy” was asked for his thoughts on his rival’s training methods (quote via MMA

“Someone asked me if I had a movement coach and I said I have no f–king idea what a movement coach is. So he can work with a f–king ballerina. I don’t give a sh-t what the kid does, you know. Whatever helps him out. Like sure, if you think movement coach, jumping over sticks and sh-t is gonna help you, it f–king might. I don’t know. Maybe I’m in the dark ages here.”

Classic Cerrone, and as noted, it’s kind of difficult to pick apart McGregor’s tactics right now. It’s also worth forwarding, however, that Cerrone reportedly called McGregor a “pussy” during the interview. So, obviously Cerrone wasn’t that blown away by what McGregor did on Sunday.

If Cerrone takes the lightweight belt next weekend when he faces Rafael dos Anjos, he could very well face McGregor next.