It was an empty feeling for Chris Weidman after UFC 194, as he suffered his first loss and dropped the middleweight title to Luke Rockhold.

Just when it seemed like things were going Weidman’s way, it all feel apart after he tried a wheel-kick. Rockhold caught the move and landed with a takedown, bullying him on the ground with heavy ground-and-pound.

Weidman survived the third round exchange, but Rockhold quickly went to work in the fourth, putting him away.

“I remember throwing that,” he said. “He caught me. It probably wasn’t the smartest move, but I go out here and give everything I have.

“I work hard and keep a positive attitude. I lose because it’s my day to lose.”

Through the three-plus rounds, Weidman landed just 62 total strikes and was denied on three takedown attempts. He also was hit by 126 significant strikes from Rockhold.