The UFC’s second card this week is under way in lovely / notorious Las Vegas, so let’s get to some prelim action.

In the TUF 22 Finale’s main event later, Frankie Edgar will battle fellow featherweight contender, Chad Mendes.

Chris Gruetzemacher vs. Abner Lloveras

Round 1:Lloveras fires off a hard right counter not long in. Hard leg kick from him as well. Gruetzemacher tries pushing him to the cage. Lloveras has Gruetzemacher against the cage now and is looking for a single. Gruetzemacher defends. Hard body kick from Lloveras. Nice right from the latter.  Lloveras plants another hard kick to the body. Lloveras looks for a TD but Gruetzemacher defends. Gruetzemacher lands a big uppercut. Lloveras comes with another hard body kick. Lloveras briefly takes Gruetzemacher to the floor. Round ends.

Round 2: Llovers plants a cracking kick to the leg. Gruetzemacher does the same. Gruetzemacher fires in a nice 1-2. Lloveras is cut by his right eye. Wow. Lloveras moves to the back of Gruetzemacher and tries sinking in a choke. Gruetzemacher shakes him off. Hard leg kick by Gruetzemacher. Latter continues to push forward and Lloveras is trying to counter. Nice combo from Gruetzemacher. Lloveras plants a hard left. Another leg kick from Gruetzemacher. Lloveras counters nicely with a right. Round ends.

Round 3: Lloveras shoots right away. Gruetzemacher scrambles and gets back to his feet. Gruetzemacher is still moving forward. Now Lloveras is looking for another TD. Gruetzemacher grabs the fence but Lloveras still takes his back. Action’s back on the feet and Gruetzemacher is still pressuring. They’re clinched up but Gruetzemacher is the busiest of the two. Lloveras gets the TD but Gruetzemacher is right back up. Gruetzemacher lands some nice elbows to Lloveras as he’s behind him. Gruetzemacher is the fresher of the two. Another leg kick from Gruetzemacher. Good right from Lloveras. Latter is pretty bloodied up. Wow. Nice flurry from Lloveras. Round ends. Close bout.

Chris Gruetzemacher def. Abner Lloveras via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Geane Herrera vs. Joby Sanchez

Round 1: Herrera sticks a jab. Sanchez with a nice 2-3. Herrera fires off a leg kick. Nice counter right from Herrera. Hard 1-2 from Herrera. Sanchez plants a right. Good jab from Sanchez. Big overhand right from Herrera grazes Sanchez. Latter digs to the body with a left. Wow flyweights chuck hard punches. Sanchez misses with a spinning kick and Herrera gets the TD. Round ends.

Round 2: Herrera cracks Sanchez with a hard left hook. Sanchez changes levels but is greeted with a kick. Sanchez is cut above his left eye, near his hairline. Nice front kick from Herrera lands to the face. Both guys plant jabs. Sanchez flurries in nicely. Sanchez buries a hard left to the body. Herrera goes for a flying knee. Another left from Sanchez to the body. Latter lands an uppercut. Yikes. Herrera cracks Sanchez with a booming left hook that sends him to the deck. A couple of follow up punches and that’s a wrap.

Geane Herrera def. Joby Sanchez via TKO (punches) R2, 4:28

Ryan LaFlare vs. Mike Pierce

Round 1: This is Mike Pierce’s first bout since October, 2013. LaFlare is firing hard kicks to the body. Nice right hook from LaFlare. Front kick’s from LaFlare are definitely giving Pierce pause for thought. Pierce tries a high kick. Pierce charges in, takes a kick to the body, but gets the clinch. LaFlare works his way out. Another kick attempt by LaFlare but Pierce catches it, pushes him to the fence. LaFlare pushes his way out. Nice leg kick from Pierce. LaFlare might have something wrong with his left eye. Wow. Pierce chucks a headkick that grazes the head of LaFlare. Round ends.

Round 2: LaFlare has a cut under his left eye, swelling around it as well. Hard kick to the body from LaFlare. Another one. Hard jab from Pierce. LaFlare goes for a TD but Pierce defends. Hard left from LaFlare lands. Latter just misses with a high kick. He plants a knee to the body though. LaFlare counters nicely with another knee to the body. Pierce plants a hard shot which backs LaFlare up. Pierce looks for the TD but can’t get it. Nice left from Pierce. Hard leg kick from LaFlare lands. Pierce is bleeding from the nose. Round ends. Close fight but LaFlare is likely up 2-0.

Round 3: Pierce has a huge hematoma on the left side of his head from an accidental headbutt. Pierce charges in and pushes LaFlare to the cage. LaFlare pushes him off. Another cracking kick to the body from LaFlare. Latter comes with another front kick. Pierce flurries in but LaFlare angles out. Pierce clinches up. Pierce lands a nice left hook. Pierce is pressuring; knows he needs a stoppage. Pierce flurries in with some big shots. What a finish. Likely too little, too late for LaFlare. The hematoma on Pierce is absolutely massive at this point…just huge.

Ryan LaFlare def. Mike Pierce via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Konstantin Erokhin vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Round 1: Will this go the distance? Probably not folks. Not much going on. Gonzaga throws a right and Erokhin counters with a left. Gonzaga lands a leg kick. Fans starting to boo. Gonzaga fires a kick to the body. Latter misses with a right and then shoots for a TD. Erokhin sprawls nicely. Erokhin fires in a hard left hook. Wow. Both guys chuck big shots. Another timely sprawl from Erokhin. Now Gonzaga gets the TD. Nicely done. Round ends as Gonzaga moves into mount.

Round 2: Erokhin is moving forward more now. Gonzaga threatens with a right. Leg kick from the latter. Erokhin with a couple jabs. Boos start up again. Gonzaga with a nice kick to the body. Erokhin goes for a high kick and Gonzaga changes levels, but can’t get the TD. Round ends. Uneventful round but it could be one a piece.

Round 3: Erokhin is pushing forward but isn’t throwing much. Gonzaga takes Erokhin to the mat after he over extends. Gonzaga is working from halfguard. Looks like he maybe setting up a keylock. Elbow from Gonzaga. Now Gonzaga is hunting for a kimura. Gonzaga moves to mount. Wow. Erokhin scrambles out to his feet. How about that? Erokhin looks gassed. Gonzaga changes levels again but Erokhin steps aside. Erokhin fires in a couple of punches but he’s running out of time. Round ends.

Gabriel Gonzaga def. Konstantin Erokhin via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-28)