If you’ve followed the lead-up to UFC 194, then you know Luke Rockhold is extremely confident he’s got Chris Weidman beat in several ways, and is going to end his reign. Well, according to the middleweight champ’s coach, however, that’s all talk.

Although Weidman and Rockhold have never really been viewed as rivals, the pre-fight back-and-forth has been pretty heated and entertaining. Both men are unquestionably two of the best, all-rounded fighters in the game, but both have repeatedly argued they’re not terribly worried about the other.

Well, recently Weidman’s striking coach, the renowned Ray Longo, appeared on “The MMA Hour”. Longo was asked to weigh-in on the comments Rockhold’s been making, and here is some of what he had to say (quote via MMA Fighting.com):

“I tell you one thing, he better believe he’s that much better than Chris Weidman because he’s going to find out soon why Chris is the champ,” Longo said. “I think he’s almost trying to psych himself up. I think I heard him say he’s going to toss Chris around, I mean…I think he has to do what he has to do to keep himself in the fight, but he’s going to get a reality check in a couple of days…”

How about that? Now sure, chances are both guys keenly understand that the man they’re going to face on Saturday is ridiculously dangerous, and that the difference between them isn’t that much…Then again, maybe not.

Longo also went on to add that he believes Weidman will knock Rockhold out, and do so early…Guess we’ll see soon enough.

UFC 194 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.