Jon Jones has been packing on the muscle in recent weeks, and clearly Dana White is one of the thousands of folks who’s noticed…

Since Jones has returned to the spotlight, following his UFC reinstatement, the former light-heavyweight champ has been showing the world that he’s kind of shredded these days. In the past, Jones was known to mostly avoid any serious training in between fights, but that’s obviously changed.

While Daniel Cormier has opined that the extra muscle could in fact hinder Jones’ in a fight, others believe, that this could mean we are about to see the best “Bones” yet in his next scrap. If Jones defeats Cormier in the rematch, he very well could move to heavyweight like he plans to do, so the extra bulk could help.

Well, recently White appeared on ESPN, and here’s some of what he had to say about Jones and his heavyweight plans (quotes via MMA

“He’s actually doing really well,” White said. “And I don’t know if you follow him on Instagram, but he’s been in the gym. You won’t believe him when you see him. He has completely transformed. This guy is jacked. He’s been lifting, like powerlifting. He’s huge right now.”

“He’ll still be a light heavyweight, but he’s planning on making that move to heavyweight,” White said.” He definitely is. Jones looks awesome. He’s one of those freakish kind of athletes, he might be the best who’s ever done it. He might be the best that’s ever been in the game. And he’s one of those freakish athletes that could [have success at both weight classes]…”

Yup, it’s going to be really interesting how Jones looks when he takes on Cormier a second time around. Will the time off affect him adversely? Will the extra size reduce his mobility like “DC” has argued? Or are we about to see Jones reach new levels and then storm into the heavyweight division?

Cormier – Jones II has yet to be booked, but the consensus is that it will take place in the opening quarter of 2016. Jones decisioned Cormier in their first meeting this past January.