If you’re not convinced that Fabricio Werdum is the best heavyweight on the planet, well, then your miles apart on this with his head coach…

As you know, Werdum laid claim to the UFC’s heavyweight belt in June, by submitting Cain Velasquez in the third round. Although it was a clear cut win for “Vai Cavalo”, not everyone is sold on the idea that he’s that much better than Velasquez. The argument being that Velasquez hadn’t fought in nearly two years, and further, he didn’t properly prepare for Mexico City’s high altitude (where UFC 188 was held).

Well, recently Werdum’s headcoach, Rafael Cordeiro, appeared on “The MMA Hour”. Not only did Cordeiro argue that Werdum is the best heavyweight on the planet, he made the case for why he’s the greatest ever (quotes via MMA Fighting.com):

“Fabricio beat (‘Minotauro’) Nogueira, Fedor (Emelianenko), Cain Velasquez. I think he deserves more respect,” Cordeiro said. “I see sometimes people put Fabricio as an underdog, and all he has to do is prove he’s the best fighter in the world. He’s the best heavyweight.

“Please, I’m really humble about martial arts because I know I have to be humble because you can never say something more than your mouth. If your mouth says something, you have to say something correct. I don’t wanna hurt nobody, but I believe Fabricio Werdum is the best heavyweight ever. He beat legends, and he deserves all respect.”

 How about that? There are certainly some who agree with Cordeiro on this, but it doesn’t seem like this is the consensus opinion just yet. If Werdum decisively defeats Velasquez once again, however, that could change.

The rematch hasn’t been booked yet, but it’s expected to take place in early 2016.