Since UFC 193, lots of people have argued that Ronda Rousey should head to a new camp moving forward, and Rafael dos Anjos has suggested “Rowdy” come to “Kings MMA”.

Although we haven’t heard much from Rousey since her devastating loss to Holly Holm, in terms of her mindset and condition going into the bout, the consensus seems to be something needs to change. The argument being, of course, that Rousey’s gotten as far as she could with her current team.

Well, since Rousey lives close to “Kings MMA” in Huntington Beach, California, the renowned gym could be an option for the bantamweight star. The camp is home to dos Anjos, and while speaking to MMA recently, he was asked for his thoughts about Rousey training at the gym.

“I think it would be great for her to come here,” Dos Anjo said. “We have a great energy here. Not just because I’m training here, but Master Rafael Cordeiro has over 28 years of experience in MMA. It would be great for Ronda.

“For sure, we’re going to have a great camp for her here. Great training partners. Great coaches. Master Cordeiro is going to have a great fight gameplan for her. If she comes, she’ll have everything she needs to get her belt back.”

Now, since Cris “Cyborg” trains at Kings sometimes, this could be an issue. But RDA says they would “make it work”, if Rousey decided to train at the gym.

Of course, since we haven’t heard Rousey’s take on what went down at UFC 193 yet, it remains to be seen what she’s going to do. Could  a change in camps arrive shortly? Or will she decide to stick with the team who helped make her the biggest name in the sport?