Recently there’s been several indications that Georges St-Pierre is seriously considering making a comeback, but UFC boss man Dana White just doesn’t see it happening.

In October, St-Pierre reported that he’s thinking about returning to cage “more-and-more”, and of course, this sparked buzz about a possible comeback. Then, more recently, GSP talk kicked into high gear when renowned boxing trainer, Freddie Roach, said the former welterweight champ is planning to do a six week, test camp. According to Roach, the camp will involved some heavy duty sparring, and afterwards, St-Pierre will decide if he wants to return.

Well, White recently spoke to the L.A. Times, and while discussing GSP’s plans, the UFC President stated:

“I highly doubt it’s going to happen because GSP’s been off for too long and has a ton of money,” White said. “You don’t do a six-week camp to learn if you have the hunger. You either know it or not. Robbie Lawler knows it, he’s hungry, he trains like an animal.

“You’re either hungry and an animal or you’re not.”

White went on say to that he loves GSP, but that he laughs at the comeback talk regarding the Canadian star, because in order to be “champ” you have to want it. While White has a point, in that GSP doesn’t need to fight, it also doesn’t sound like he wants to make another title run. So, perhaps after the camp, he will decide that he wants to get in the cage one more time? Or maybe not.

St-Pierre announced he was taking a break from fighting after earning a decision win over Johny Hendricks in November, 2013.