“She just never got any opportunities. She got into a couple exchanges. She rocked Holly a couple times. She did. From what I remember seeing in the fight, I remember seeing Holly look like she got hurt a couple times in the fight by Ronda. (Holm) was on the outside and picking her apart with big shots – hit her with a big elbow one time, hitting her with hooks.

“…She’s the mentally strongest f-cking athlete I’ve ever met in my life. When she gets over this loss, she’s going to be a savage,” White said. “She was a maniac and a hard-worker when she was the best in the world. What’s she going to be like now that she lost?”

It’s hard to argue with that. While Holm exposed some holes in Rousey’s game, there’s no denying that the latter has worked extremely hard at becoming a well rounded, mixed-martial-artist. After all, it wasn’t long ago when Rousey was widely viewed as a ground specialist. Since then, she’s demonstrated on more than one occasion that she’s far more than that.

She may not have the striking pedigree of Holm yet, but with some more training and a new approach, she’ll likely present Holm a much stiffer test in the rematch no?