Holly Holm has said an immediate rematch with Ronda Rousey makes sense, and so has Dana White, but it looks Daniel Cormier thinks it would be a mistake. At least, if you’re Rousey…

After Holm sent a collective gasp throughout the MMA world on Saturday, by bombing out Rousey at UFC 193, the new champ said she’d be down for fighting “Rowdy” right away. White also acknowledged that Holm-Rousey II is a definite possibility, however, the UFC boss man stopped short of committing to it (after all, the former champ was sent to the hospital for precautionary reasons after the vicious KO).

Well, while Cormier was discussing Rousey’s one sided loss on the post-fight show for FOX Sports 1, the light-heavyweight champ said this (quotes via FOX Sport 1 press release):

“It’s tough. We’ve all built her up to be unbeatable. There will be a lot of distractions when you’re the champion. I think she did get exposed tonight. She has some holes. She’s been so dominant in the past, but that didn’t work tonight. She has work to do. I don’t think we need an immediate rematch. The things she needs to fix will take a little time.”

There are some who have already relayed what Cormier has, in terms of the argument that they don’t see Holm-Rousey II unfolding much different. Rousey was definitely out gunned and didn’t seem to have any answers.

But, as others have also opined, some things did transpire leading up to this bout that could have affected Rousey’s preparation. While Holm exposed some weaknesses in Rousey’s game, we are talking about a woman who had cruised through the opposition until Saturday.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what comes next. No question. Rousey talked about not wanting to fight again until July, 2016, prior to the loss. Will that stand?